Destiny 2 Player Experiences Odd Visual Glitch on Europa

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A Destiny 2 player was in for a special treat of visual glitches on Europa.

Crimson_Rose_2065 has shared their experience on Reddit with the Destiny 2 community. The background was lit up with vibrant light, constantly changing and flashing. As observed in the clip, sometimes it became so intense that it blocked the entire screen. It made the Redditor’s mission of defeating the Vex more difficult than expected. The strange bug’s discovery has many Guardians curious about its origin. They also wonder what impact it will have on their gameplay experience.

While some joke that Vex is throwing a raving party, others prefer to avoid constant technical issues. The Season of the Seraph is coming close to its end. But fans are still encountering many incidents that disrupt their gaming time. They range from minor to major problems, such as missing progress and lost characters. Some of these problems have forced Bungie to take the game offline to resolve.

The highly-anticipated Lightfall expansion is nearing its launch on February 28. The expansion is bringing in the biggest Destiny 2 evolution to date. Thus, gamers are more than eager to dive into the latest chapter without any hindrances. Let’s hope until then, Bungie has resolved all the remaining hiccups from the current season.

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