Destiny 2: Lightfall Subscription Plan Leak Is Fake

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Last week, a renowned Discord specialized in Destiny 2 datamines revealed leaked information about the latest Lightfall Subscription plan. According to Elliott, a member of said server and the primary source of these “leaks,” the subscription offers a range of new content. It includes new dungeons, raids, access to premium content, and the ability to try out specific missions and destinations for free.

After stirring the community with confusion and even frustration toward Bungie for days, the shocking news has finally proven false. The dataminers admitted that they faked the information and were planning to leave it be. As time went by, more and more people grew concerned and restless. Realizing the situation was getting serious, the dataminers chose to tell the truth and apologize.

They also stated that they would label “joke posts” in the future to avoid such complications. But even that could not ease the frustration in the fans’ hearts. They used to trust this Discord server. Yet, they were fooled by an overly detailed troll post.

Their credibility has been affected because of the incident. It will be hard gaining the trust of the community again.

As for the Destiny 2 lovers, this may count as a piece of great news. You can keep enjoying the game without worrying about encountering an unexpected paywall.

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