Lightfall New Trailer Hints at Osiris Vendor Role on Neptune

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The release of Destiny 2 Lightfall’s latest trailer has caused quite a stir in the community. It has led many to speculate that the game’s prominent character, Osiris, may be taking on a new role as a vendor on the planet of Neptune. Eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that the trailer features Osiris’ banner.

Osiris was recently awakened after Mithrax made him tea from the Relics of Nezarec in the Season of Plunder. He is a former Warlock Vanguard Commander with a deep and rich backstory. He is known for his role in Neomuna’s discovery as well as his connection to Rasputin and Savathûn. Once exiled from The Last City, he embarked on a journey through time and space to save his friend and lover, Saint-14. Respected among the Guardians, his name is honored in the game mode “Trials of Osiris.”

Many believe he may be a merchant similar to Xur or Lord Saladin. Yet, it is still unclear whether Osiris will be a specialty or world vendor. His presence in the trailer suggests he will continue to play a crucial part in the storyline. Fans can expect to see more of him as they explore the new content and storylines in the hidden city of Neomuna. Some players are even speculating that he could be the key in helping players fend off the forces of Calus, who is set to siege the city on Neptune.

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