Lightfall: 15 Destiny 2 Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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Having recently received a highly-anticipated Lightfall DLC, Destiny 2 is absolutely brimming with content. For new players, the amount of activities can be overwhelming. But don’t worry. We have you covered. Our ultimate Lightfall beginner guide will go over the basics of the game and provide some helpful Destiny 2 tips and tricks for a solid start. So, let’s get going, Guardian!



The first important decision you have to make is choosing between three of the game’s classes: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, each packing a set of unique abilities. You cannot change specs once you’ve already started playing, but you can create another Guardian with a different class. Some Destiny 2 character guides suggest picking Titan as your first, and we do agree that this class is the easiest to play. However, it’s better if you try each class out yourself and find the one that suits you best.


The Character Menu is where you can pick a subclass. Currently, there are five of them, with some available immediately and others requiring unlocks. Each offers exclusive abilities, so take time to explore and figure out what fits your playstyle and build.

Next up, we have slots for your weapons and gear. Weapons come in three types: primary, secondary, and heavy. For armor, we have four cloth pieces, plus a special class item. If you want a more detailed Destiny 2 equipment guide, please give us a shout in the comment section down below.

The Character Menu also shows your Guardian Rank and Power level. Levels will be covered in detail a bit later, and Guardian Rank is a feature introduced in Lightfall to give you a smoother beginner experience with a new progress ladder to climb.

Character stats, an essential feature in the Menu, comprise six stats on your Guardian that increase with each equipped gear piece. To create an effective Destiny 2 beginner build, it’s crucial to understand their roles. To do so, just hover over a stat’s icon and read the description.


The average score of your equipped gear determines your Power level. Equipping higher power items than your current ones is the key to raising your level.

Power caps are milestones that mark your progress and dictate what type of gear you need to grind for. The Soft cap (1750) is easily reached by earning pretty much every gear, so at this point, simply playing the game will be the fastest way to level Destiny 2 characters. To get to the Powerful cap (1800), you’ll need to farm powerful rewards, and hitting the Pinnacle cap (1810) requires pinnacle gear. Going beyond the Pinnacle cap is possible only by putting XP into your Seasonal Artifact.


Next up on our Destiny 2 starter guide is the Director map, which shows the game’s main playlists and all the available destinations you can travel to. Vanguard offers Strikes, which are short co-op PvE missions, and their tougher versions called Nightfalls. Gambit is a hybrid PvEvP mode, and Crucible is where you can take on other players in the arena. Each playlist activity has a ranking ladder. By completing matches, you earn XP, gain reputation with playlist vendors, and rank up to earn rewards. Next to the playlist icons in the Director, you also find the Legend tab that gives you access to older instanced content.


The Tower is your social hub to interact with other players, visit vendors, access your inventory, as well as receive new missions and quests from various NPCs. In this Destiny 2 beginner’s guide, we’ll go over some of the main characters and locations you need to know about.

The Postmaster allows you to claim forgotten items. Tess Everis sells cosmetics, resources, item packages, and even game expansions at the Eververse store. Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx are in the Tower courtyard for you to claim your Vanguard and Crucible rewards, respectively, and to pick up bounties for loot and XP. The vendor Gunsmith has his own ranking system and offers bounties that grant points toward your rank upon dismantling gear. Your Vault is also located in the Tower. Since it’s account-wide, you can store and access everything you own but don’t want to carry at the moment on any of your characters. The last location that’s worth mentioning is the Cryptarch, where you can decode your engrams and get the rewards they drop.



Destiny 2 is full of fantastic weapons and gear pieces, so don’t stick to one loadout and build throughout the whole game and don’t be afraid to try out new combos, even if they don’t seem like a good fit at first.


Bounties are short missions with easy-to-complete objectives and very generous rewards. Almost all vendors have a bunch of bounties for you to grab, and apart from earning gear and weapons, you can also rep up and increase your rank rewards. What’s more, bounties are essential for your powerful and pinnacle grind, so if you’re looking for Destiny 2 leveling tips, here’s one for you: don’t ignore bounties and try to do as many of them as you can.


Destiny 2 is a vast universe with many secrets to discover. Feel free to explore every corner and don’t forget to go on Patrols and run Public Events to earn rewards and XP along the way.


Shooting things is your Guardian’s bread and butter, but those abilities are here for a reason. Your class powers can give you a huge advantage in battle, so don’t hesitate to use them if you want to learn how to play Destiny 2 to your character’s full potential. Just remember about cooldowns, especially with your Supers. You might want to save those for tougher fights or boss encounters.


Mods can be slotted into weapons and armor to improve their stats and add unique perks. You can use mods to customize equipment to your liking and get some nice buffs to use in combat.


Some Destiny 2 enemies have certain Elemental weaknesses. Be sure to use weapons and abilities that match the enemy’s Elemental vulnerability for maximum damage.


This tip is included in almost every Destiny 2 new player guide, and for a reason. Leveling up your clan unlocks various perks and rewards. By joining a clan, you can also gain valuable insight and expertise by learning from experienced players to make your first steps into the game much smoother.


Sometimes playing defensively is the only way to keep your Guardian alive. You can hide behind environmental elements or turn to class abilities to create barricades.


This is one of the most important tips our Destiny 2 start guide can give you. Communication is key, especially in cooperative game modes. Be sure to talk to your team to coordinate attacks and complete objectives effectively.


Challenges are additional objectives that can be completed in various in-game activities. There are Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal ones, each granting a fair amount of XP and rewards.


While it’s tempting to rush through the campaign to reach the endgame content, you should really take your time to enjoy the game’s story, which is truly rich and worth exploring. In case you find yourself lost or struggling with a quest or two, just use a Destiny 2 story guide or ask a clanmate to help you out.


Legendary Shards can be used to purchase things from Xur, a special vendor that appears randomly every weekend. If you don’t manage your resources wisely, you’ll run out of shards really fast, so try to save them and purchase only the items you really need. If you want to learn more about him and avaliable loot, you can find Xur here.


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