Get to Know Destiny 2 Lore with Fan’s Animation Series

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Get to Know Destiny 2 Lore with Fan's Animation Series

Azlaar, a passionate Destiny 2 lover and talented YouTube content creator, has taken it upon themselves to bring the game’s rich lore to life through their animation series. With a unique art style, they infuse the videos with their own originality. Yet, still managed to capture the title’s core essence. 

Their series covers a wide range of topics. From a complete summary of lore to in-depth explorations of major events and characters. Each video is only a few minutes long. However, that’s more than enough to ensure it’s both informative and visually attractive. In their latest video, they pave the way for viewers to delve into the origin of the Leviathan and the character of Calus, one of the most intriguing figures of the franchise.

With new content set to release weekly, Azlaar’s channel is a must-watch for any Guardian looking to dive deeper into the lore. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to their channel if you find the plot a tad hard to follow. And join the rest of the community in exploring the world of Destiny 2 in a whole new light.

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