Fans Demand Answers for Destiny 2 Lightfall Missing Content

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Fans Demand Answers for Destiny 2 Lightfall Missing Content

The Destiny 2 community finds itself in a state of disheartening confusion. Players want clear answers from Bungie about the missing content in the Lightfall DLC. Yet, the studio has opted to maintain a veil of silence.

Missing Promised Content

A prominent issue has emerged within the Destiny 2 community. It centers around the conspicuous absence of the supposed-to-have-arrived ritual armor sets.

Destiny 2 ritual armors have long been a beloved part of the game. They are typically earned by triumphing over designated mission playlists. Hence, the arrival of Lightfall brought excitement as Bungie announced a reset for the ritual armor set rewards. Yet, roughly three months have passed since its launch. The game remains devoid of any trace of ritual-armor-related content.

Fans Demand Answers for Destiny 2 Lightfall Missing Content

Many yearned for its arrival in Season of the Deep. They hoped that there would be some good news. But as Season 21 unfolds, players are left disappointed once again. This absence strikes a particularly disheartening chord within the community. After all, it has become a tradition for Destiny 2 to renew its ritual armor rewards every year. So, it’s not surprising that players find themselves increasingly dismayed.

In the past, the studio had gotten players excited by promising a lot of different armor sets. They said these sets would be tailored to various in-game activities. Also, they would add new ones every year along with the latest expansions. However, the promised armor sets failed to materialize. Instead, Eververse is now selling a new premium one that can be purchased with real money. Thus, raising many brows about Bungie’s priority in terms of promise and monetization. As a result, players now find themselves demanding an explanation. 

Lack of Communication

Fans Demand Answers for Destiny 2 Lightfall Missing Content

Many players’ efforts to establish a dialogue with Bungie have been met with silence. The studio’s decision to ignore these questions has made players feel unheard and dissatisfied. Bungie needs to take swift action to address the issue and offer satisfactory explanations. If not, the discontent within the community runs the risk of intensifying. 

Discussions on various forums are dominated by the recurring topic of the absent ritual armor refresh. Fans aren’t holding back in being vocal about Bungie’s silence. Thus, this is affecting the success of Season of the Deep. In fact, these discussions are taking away attention from the newly released Season 21 content. 

One thing is for sure: Destiny 2 fans won’t stop anytime soon before they receive an answer. With the potential for further outrage looming, one can only hope Bungie will respond and rectify the situation.

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