Destiny 2 Duality Weapons Overview: Rolls and Perks

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The last season of Destiny 2 is a Season of the Haunted, and it has brought much new content to the game, but Bungie also has added a brand-new dungeon called Duality! In addition to Calus’ Nightmares, we can meet completely unique loot, such as the new exotic sword Heartshadow, four all-new weapons in Destiny 2 with gorgeous crimson visual effects, and the returning of two old rifles from activity Menagerie. But don’t forget, you can always check our Season of the Haunted services. Time is running out, this season is ending, and we can help you with this. Without further ado, let us get right into it.

This Overview presents the most important information about Duality dungeon weapons. We will go through each of them, consider their features, figure out how they fit within PVP or PVE, as well as learn the perks and the best rolls. So please take a seat and carefully study our Duality weapons guide!

Duality Dungeon Loot Table

1. Nightmare of Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer

2. Unlock the Vault

3. Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess Imperial

Like any other activities in Destiny 2, it is necessary to clarify that there are only two engram drops in the Duality dungeon’s third stage. The first one is the items mentioned above, and the second one is every other item from the Duality loot table. Get ready to farm Duality weapons until the job is done to get the weapons you need.

Let’s talk about RNG. Like we said earlier, the exotic weapon Heartshadow is also a random drop. However, you can only try once per week and once per character. Still, don’t give up just yet! Thanks to the triumphs that are tied to the dungeon, you will be able to increase your chances of exotic drops!

Now we know how to get Duality weapons, so it is time for the fun part — the guns themselves!

Duality god rolls with perks and weapons

New Purpose

Legendary Stasis Pulse Rifle with enhanced High-Impact (340 RPM) Frame. It uses primary ammo. The little brother of Messenger because of the weaker base characteristics, but thanks to the perfect range and perks such as Perpetual Motion, Desperado, Ricochet Rounds, and Arrowhead Brake, it will become a perfect rapid-fire pulse gun of the season, especially for PVP.

Perfect Roll for PVP:

Perpetual Motion and Desperado on New Purpose in pair are gold, built for faster reloads and very consistent DPS.

Perfect Roll for PVE:

At a minimum, only this weapon should already give you the motivation to complete the dungeon. And this is just one of the new weapons in Destiny 2.


Legendary Void SMG with an Aggressive (750 RPM) Frame. It uses primary ammo. Another weapon of the season became beloved by players and always part of the best SMG lists. Unforgiven has a perfect range and recoil, which automatically makes it better than The Title and IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.2. Unfortunately, it has a perk called Bittersprite, which decreases the reload time when you take damage, which is why Unforgiven may not be your choice. And yes, most of the guns on the list also have Bittersprite perk, but in the case of SMGs, this is a nasty perk.

Perfect Roll for PVP:

Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie is a god roll for those who love to leave the battlefield with explosions!

Perfect Roll for PVE (Classic):

The most classic SMG build in Destiny 2. Will never let you down!

Lingering Dread

Legendary Stasis One-shot handheld Grenade Launcher with Lightweight (90 RPM) Frame. It uses special ammo. We all love and hate Mountaintop, but players have been looking for his replacement, and Lingering Dread has a chance to match it. The only downside to Lingering Dread is that it is one of the few weapons that cannot be crafted in Destiny 2, just like the rest of the weapons that are part of this set.

Perfect Roll for PVP:

Do you love to scatter grenades all over in the Crucible? Then Steady Hands and Vorpal Weapon is your choice. Also, Harmony is a good pick if you are unlucky with rolls.

Perfect Roll for PVE:

This weapon appeals to you, especially in PVE, together with perks like Auto-Loading Holster, Binding Grenades, Volatile Launch, and Chili Clip.


Legendary Electric Liner-Fusion Rifle with new Aggressive (533 RPM) Frame. It uses heavy ammo. Let’s be honest, this is the best gun for continuous damage on thick targets and bosses because Stormchaser fires in three-round bursts, unlike its compatriots. Furthermore, it has great perks that can destroy DPS. If your friend calls you on strikes or other PVE activities, Stormchaser and the below perks will help you in any situation. This gun is one of the best weapons for Duality for sure!

Perfect Roll for PVP:

Try to acquire a Rangefinder and Demolitionist; the latter will help you with that grenade recharge time, or you can use Rapid Hit and Rampage for better damage and reload speed. There is not much else to add as this weapon is more suitable in PVE.

Perfect Roll for PVE:

We can put Rapid Hit, Clown Cartridge, or Auto-Loading in the third column. After that, we can place Firing Line, Frenzy, or Vorpal in the fourth column. Although Vorpal may be preferable for someone due to damage buff on bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active but for PVE, we strongly recommend using Firing Line.

Fixed Odds

Legendary Solar High-Impact (360 RPM) Frame Machine Gun. It uses heavy ammo and can be crafted. Fixed Odds came back from the dead and now, with the buffs of machine guns, became more respectful among players! This Machine Gun will be the most useful in Gambit, where its range and power will help take down hordes of enemies and annoying invaders or just players.

Perfect Roll for PVP:

Do you want to make from Fixed Odds an automatic-fire sniper? Then Quickdraw and Rangefinder will make it happen, and PVP players will be afraid of you.

Perfect Roll for PVE:

Field Prep or Feeding Frenzy will definitely help you with reloading, and Killing Tally will wreak havoc against the enemies because of final blows that increase the weapon’s damage.

The Epicurean

Legendary Void Fusion Rifle with Precision Frame. It uses special ammo and can be crafted. A very versatile gun that many guardians remember as a massive gift from Bungie for PVP players so they could become real monsters. It is also easy to do because it can be crafted and get the right god rolls easily. Unfortunately, in PVE, The Epicurean suffers from the lack of Reservoir Burst.

Perfect Roll for PVP:

This combination lets you quickly eliminate opponents at a great distance. Snapshot Sights makes faster time to aim down sights, and Surplus does the same but with reload speed, handling, and stability. With Rangefinder, which increases its effective range and zoom magnification, those perks make this gun in PVP a beast!

Perfect Roll for PVE:

If you really want to use this Fusion rifle in PVE, Feeding Frenzy will help you with reload speed, Surplus or Well-Rounded could deal with origin trait, and Cornered can make The Epicurean at least responsive.


Source: Bungie

Exotic Void Sword. It uses heavy ammo. For Destiny 2, this sword has quite unusual perks because it uses stealth mechanics. For example, Exhumation makes the player invisible and, with heavy attacks, releases fire exploding Void projectiles made with full Sword energy, combined with Shot in the Dark, which enhances the damage and casts an active weakness with the damage to enemies while the player is invisible. In the hands of a skilled player, this sword becomes quite strategic and useful in hard battles.

Well, this Duality weapon overview is completely finished. This dungeon is simply required to be completed by every player. Every weapon here is useful in some ways, and most of them lead the meta of Destiny 2. If you wish to see more guides like this, don’t forget to give us a shout. Of course, check other Destiny 2 guides that we made and can help you any time when you need them the most! Also, you can try Duality weapons carry from us if you need help with them and quickly!

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away.

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