Dreaming City’s Skybox Is Broken for Years and Needs a Fix

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Season of the Wish revealed many secrets to us and showed us something players had not noticed for years. One such example is Dreaming City’s skybox being broken.

Dreaming City's Skybox Is Broken

Players have been thoroughly exploring Destiny 2 for quite some time. Game veterans have learned to exploit various bugs to go off-map, endlessly fly on sparrows, and move quickly using swords. Bungie has never been in a rush to fix such bugs, allowing players to continue having fun with these tricks. However, there are some bugs that have long needed attention.

A user under the nickname Luke-HW noticed that the Dreaming City’s skybox had been broken for a really long time, and perhaps Bungie simply forgot about it. The issue is that the sky, for some reason, turns black in certain areas, whereas in reality, it should look much more graceful. You can even check this out yourself by going to Spine of Keres and by jumping across the ledge into Spine from Divalian.


It’s unclear how long this problem has existed, but some say it’s been three years since the updated lighting was released, others believe it’s since the updated Last Wish raid, and some have had the issue since the release of Lightfall. This bug has likely been present for a long time but went unnoticed since this location was rarely visited.

Nonetheless, users may have found the reason for the problem. Comments suggest that the skybox breakage is connected to the Ascendant Realm sphere, which covers the sky in certain areas. It is confirmed that a player using a flying sparrow trick can see the regular sky outside of the map boundaries.

Will Bungie fix this bug in the future? They will likely ignore it for a long time, and it might get fixed randomly. It’s not the studio’s main priority right now, as The Final Shape and new content for this season are coming. What do you think? Will this bug be fixed, or do you believe Bungie shouldn’t waste their time and resources on such a trivial matter?

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