Destiny 2: Developer Insights on Lightfall Subclass Strand

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Bungie has recently revealed a video giving players a deeper insight into the latest Lightfall Strand subclass. The video features eight developers, including Senior producer Bonnie Burton. Senior design lead Tomonori Kinoshita and design lead Eric Smith were also present. They were joined by lead VFX artist Dave Samuel, lead concept artist Gabriel “Gabo” Garza, and concept artist Tobias Kwan. And last but not least, senior sound designers Paxson Helgesen and Juan Pablo Uribe. Together, they lifted the veil to uncover the development of Strand.


Bungie’s creativeprocess begins with an initial idea for a new concept, which is then brought to life through the collaborative efforts of the entire studio. Their hard work and dedication to their craft will soon be on display, with the release of Lightfall coming in less than a week.

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