Destiny 2 Player Got Exotic from New Lightfall Raid before Its Release

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A Destiny 2 player got an Exotic from a raid. Sounds normal, right? Wrong. The Lightfall raid has yet to be released.

The Root of Nightmares’ start date is set on March 10. Yet, information about it has already been leaked all over the Internet. Everything is exposed, from its name to bosses, loot, and cinematics. And to make the matter worse, a Guardian managed to haul themselves an Exotic from the new raid before it’s officially out.

And here is one of its perks:

Their lips are sealed. There isn’t any information about how they did it. The identity of the shotgun is under question too. As many believe that the Glaive is supposed to be the Exotic falling from the raid.

The situation is particularly shocking. After all, Bungie always thoroughly encrypts raids prior to their launch to prevent such instances.

The title’s fifth expansion seems off to a rocky start. The pre-release hype surrounding it has been overshadowed by mixed reactions from the community. Reports of bugs and other issues at the launch are not helping. And rumors have also surfaced suggesting that Lightfall may simply serve as a filler for The Final Shape expansion.

Bungie is trying its best to sail through the storm, but for now, we’ll need to wait and see what will unfold.

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