Destiny 2 Lightfall: Best Cheese to Rank up Nimbus

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Lightfall is live. And along with exploring and discovering the Neptune-planet-hidden city, every Guardian has a new task: ranking up Nimbus. Instead of doing it the traditional way, Destiny 2 YouTuber Tasso has figured out a great cheese to help you quickly rack up those reputations.

Nimbus is the youngest of the two Cloud Striders you interact with during the main story campaign. They are the Neomuna vendor that Guardians are supposed to “earn respect.” They have a reward track that offers valuable items. From extra gear and access to additional landing zones in the hidden city to a daily bounty for guaranteed Terminal Overload chest keys.

Earning Neomuna Reputation to level up Nimbus’ 30 separate tiers is a lengthy process. But with Tasso’s help, it’ll go by a lot faster and easier. You can watch everything in detail in the video below.

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