Destiny 2 Iron Banner Delayed Due to An Invisible Player Glitch

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Destiny 2’s Iron Banner is an exciting PvP event in the game that has long become a fan favorite. However, the first iteration of this monthly activity has been delayed due to an unexpected glitch that turns players invisible.

Since the release of Lightfall, Guardians are experiencing the unpleasant phenomenon of becoming invisible during gameplay. This problem is now widespread and is causing concern among the game’s community. To address this issue, Bungie has scheduled a fix on March 16. Unfortunately, this falls two days after the original start date of the activity. Thus, its first week is now set to begin on March 21, a week later than intended. And after a seven-day break, on April 4, its second week will commence.

Some may be disappointed with the event’s delay. But remember, there are still many exciting things happening in the world of Destiny 2. For instance, the highly anticipated Trials of Osiris will make its return on March 17, which is one week earlier than initially planned. Its return is sure to satisfy those who crave intense PvP battles and the chance to earn unique rewards.

Over the years, Iron Banner has gone through significant changes to enhance the gaming experience. Initially, it happened only twice per season, but now, it occurs thrice. Bungie has also taken steps to make the activity more enjoyable and rewarding for players. They always try to listen to the community’s feedback and address existing issues.

While Bungie has remained tight-lipped about which mode will be in play during Lightfall’s Iron Banner, fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement with bated breath.

Moving onto other news, the recent champion of the Root of Nightmares World First raid race, Team Hard in The Paint, has prevailed. It’s indeed an impressive feat, and we congratulate them wholeheartedly. For those who missed the event or want to relive the excitement, we highly recommend checking out our comprehensive race coverage.

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