Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Overview January 3 – 10

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Weekly Reset Info

As each Tuesday is a usual day for the weekly reset, we sum up lots of important information for you about the new week in Destiny 2.

Trials Of Osiris are coming on Friday, January 13.

Nightfall: The Ordeal — The Glassway

Source: Destiny Tracker

Weapon reward: D.F.A. Hand Cannon. Adept version from GM Difficulty is unavailable for now.

Nightfall: Adept

Nightfall: Hero

Nightfall: Legend

Nightfall: Master

Weekly Rotation

Complete to get additional Pinnacle rewards!

Dungeon Rotator: Duality

Raid Rotator:Vow of the Disciple (All challenges available)

Raid Challenges

And here are challenges this week.

Source: Bungie

King’s Fall

Challenge: The Grass is Always Greener // Totems

Guardians must not take the same buff type (Brand of the Unraveler or Brand of the Weaver) twice in a row.

Vow of the Disciple

Challenge: All challenges available.

Vault of Glass

Challenge: The Only Oracle for You // Oracles

Players cannot destroy the same oracle more than once.

Deep Stone Crypt

Challenge: The Core Four // Taniks Phase 2

Guardians must dunk all four cores before each DPS phase.

Garden of Salvation

Challenge: A Link to the Chain // Spire Defense

All Guardians must receive the enlightened buff at the same time.

Last Wish

Challenge: Summoning Ritual // Kalli

Guardians must activate and cleanse all nine plates and kill all Knights and Ogres.

Trials of Osiris Rewards this week (updated for January 6 –10)

Iron Banner is active this week, Trials of Osiris will return on January 13.

Last time, the Trials of Osiris map was Eternity. Trials of Osiris Adept weapon for a Flawless run last week was Unwavering Duty (Adept) Machine Gun.

Other rewards includes Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Prisms and the most interesting — guns.

Source: Bungie

The info about Trials rewards and map are updated each week on Friday, last update: January 3.

Legacy Activities

Source: Bungie



Dreaming City // Week Curse

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