Destiny 2: Vote for Your Favorite Weapon Ornament 2023

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Destiny 2: Vote for Your Favorite Weapon Ornament 2023


And the winner has prevailed! Witherhoard has been chosen with a dominating 45% of the vote. Running behind is Thunderlord with 36%, and Izangi’s Burden lands at 19%.

The next stage is imminent, folks! Get ready to vote for your favorite ornament!

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The time has come, Guardians! Once again, the choice is yours to bestow a brand-new ornament upon one of the three chosen weapons.

Back in December 2022, Bungie presented an opportunity for players to influence the appearance of their favored exotic weapon. The Arbalest Linear Fusion Rifle received a groundswell of adoration from the community. Soon enough, another vote was rolled out to choose it a fitting ornament. Thus, Synthwave, the stunning design created by StellarState Logic, had become the winner. And finally, in the upcoming Season 21, we’ll get to see the Arbalest sporting its latest community-picked skin.

Following said success, Bungie decided that it was time for another vote. Just like before, they will partner with an artist from the Destiny community. The chosen artist will be paid for their work fair and square, just like other external concept artists. This approach empowers players to take part in the game’s growth. All the while allowing gifted artists to display their talents. Thus, ensuring a community-driven development process.

As with the previous event, Bungie has already chosen their partner artist. And so, there’s no need for the Guardians to rile up about who to choose and who not to choose. Instead, they want players to focus their attention on selecting one out of the three following weapons:

Destiny 2: Vote for Your Favorite Weapon Ornament 2023

Starting on April 20, the community will vote via email to pick out their favorite firearm. The chosen artist will then create three ornament concepts for the winner. Thus, entering the next stage, players will vote on their favored concept. Once all is done, the winning design will be produced and released in-game. However, going through Bungie’s content pipeline will take some time. So, it’s not until The Final Shape that we’ll get to see it. But hey, don’t be disheartened. As “good things come to those who wait.”

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