Destiny 2 ViDoc: As Light Falls

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Destiny 2 ViDoc: As Light Falls is set to release on February 16 at 7.00 AM (PST). The game’s official Twitter has recently shared a 28-second teaser to hype up the community.


As you may have guessed, ViDoc is short for “Video Documentary.” It’s a type of promotional video with insights into the game’s development process. Often, it includes interviews with the developers. From the company’s vision to behind-the-scenes, everything is accounted for. You may also catch previews of new content and updates, such as game modes, weapons, and story elements.

Bungie usually releases these kinds of videos before major updates or expansions. You can watch it on their official YouTube channel, as well as on their website and social media.

As of now, only a tantalizing teaser has been made public. Rest assured, however. WowVendor will keep you updated with the latest news and insights as soon as they become available. Check back here tomorrow for further details on the highly anticipated Destiny 2 ViDoc 2023.


The ViDoc is finally here! You can watch the whole 16-minute video below to join the hype train of Lightfall. Or, if you have yet the time to do so, here are its most important highlights:

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