Solstice Event is back in Destiny 2

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This time has come, the Solstice returns in Destiny 2 again. Hop on in the game on July 19 to take a look at new decorations in the main social space in the Tower. Also a major revamp to the Solstice EAZ activity is promised by Bungie alongside a new armor upgrading experience.

Source: Bungie

Furthermore, a new system will be presented on this Event, the brand-new Event Card.

Event Card

Here is the breakdown on the new system:

The Free Events staying the same, but some of Free rewards are now claimed via the Event Card (no upgrade required).

There are also a “premium” pass version of the Card, by paying 1000 Silver players will unlock:

Some of that rewards from the Upgraded Event Card are

Hot Dog Eating Champ // Source: Bungie
Sunny Exotic Ghost Shell // Source: Bungie

Solstice Armor Upgrading

This time the way you’ll upgrade your armor has changed a bit, so here is a little wrap up to make your journey even more exiting.

Source: Bungie

First of all, the objectives from the armor was removed and overall upgrade process has become smoothed for all classes.

Another interesting point from the new TWAB is the way you can upgrade the Solstice Armor for specific builds. It can be upgraded using various currencies.


Silver Leaves — earned by completing activities.

Silver Ash — Transformed from Silver Leaves in by completing the new activity: Bonfire Bash. You can also spend Silver Ash to reroll armor stats from the armor mod screen.

Source: Bungie

Kindling — earned by completing Solstice Event Challenges. It’s spent on armor to upgrade it’s stat roll potential, each piece of armor can be upgraded three times (three tiers). The upgrade is permanent and every piece of armor can be upgraded up to Tier 3.

Source: Bungie

Jump into the game now to taste all the new activities Destiny 2 has to offer, Solstice event now live!

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