Destiny 2 Servers Issues and Unresponsive Enemies

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Destiny 2 Servers Issues and Unresponsive Enemies

Bungie’s famous FPS title servers have been experiencing a series of troubling malfunctions over recent times. The studio has clarified that Destiny 2 is suffering from a DDoS attack. However, it seems the situation has escalated as the PvE enemies now don’t even bother to respond to players’ presence.

Players have noticed a startling shift in the behavior of their adversaries. These once-hostile foes have lost interest in engaging in battle. Even when Guardians unleash a barrage of attacks upon them, they just sadly lie down their life without even trying to struggle. Believe it or not, the baddies in this FPS title have laid down their arms, ceasing all combat activity and rendering encounters passive. The allure of effortlessly dominating the battlefield is undeniable. Yet, without challenging obstacles, gamers can only engage in a boring and monotonous experience.

Additionally, players are grappling with issues related to fundamental game mechanics. Guardians are currently facing difficulties in basic features such as opening doors. This comes on top of persistent server problems. Players keep facing sudden disconnections during active gameplay sessions. While the issues’ intensity has subsided, they still remain. And the unresponsive AI problem has yet to see any improvement.

Despite the frustrating circumstances, the Destiny 2 community finds a silver lining. Players are taking the opportunity to ‘touch grass,’ dedicating more time to loved ones, or exploring other games during this period.

However, they are still hoping that Bungie will soon address these technical hurdles so they can return to their favorite FPS title.

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