How To Beat Destiny 2’s King’s Fall Raid: Oryx’s Daughters Encounter

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We’re in double trouble in the raid’s penultimate encounter, but fear not: here’s your thorough guide on beating Oryx’s Daughters.

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As they say, misfortunes never come alone, and it could not describe the next-to-last King’s Fall encounter any better, as here we have to face not one but two bosses at once. For those who’ve just tuned in, this is the fourth part of our King’s Fall guide series. Feel free to check the Opening & Totem encounter guide, as well as Warpriest and Golgoroth walkthroughs, before bracing yourself for the Oryx’s daughters fight. Already done that? Alright then, let’s get the party started!

Through the tower that glows eerily red, you’ll be led to the arena where the final two encounters are going to take place.

At first, you have to face the formidable duo of the Destiny Oryx raid: the King’s daughters.

Source: Bungie

The main components don’t change much: we have large totem-like structures and plates on top of them in every corner of the room. In this encounter, you’ll once again have to interact with platforms in a specific order to collect Blightguard pieces and make the bosses vulnerable to damage.

Consider composing your team like that: one player is assigned to each of the four platforms, and the rest is handling crowd control.

At the start of the fight, the Torn Between Dimensions tag is randomly put on somebody from your team. The Torn players will change and each of them will have a crucial role in the encounter, but the rest of the team needs to pave them a way. That’s when the familiar platform mechanic comes in again.

The platform you have to begin with always glows green and has a knight on it. Whoever is assigned to it needs to kill the knight and jump on the platform. Once it’s done, the objective marker will be revealed, pointing at the second platform your team will need to activate. After the callout, the person in charge of the marked platform has to step on it, and the path for the Torn player will finally be laid out.

The Torn Guardian needs to travel from the starting platform to the one with the objective marker, jumping on floating rocks visible only to them. At the end of their journey, they’ll receive a piece of the Blightguard.

Once the piece is collected, everyone must leave the platforms to not take damage. There’ll also be some adds to fight off, so don’t get too comfy. Then the next person is tagged as Torn, another platform glows green, and the cycle begins anew until you collect all three Blightguard pieces. When the Torn player gets to the third piece, it becomes interactable. They need to grab it to receive the item that will help your team steal the immunity buff from one of Oryx’s daughters.

Source: Bungie

The daughter with the shield is always the one who attacks you. She is the exact one you need to hit once you get the protection aura buff off of her. This very buff will also help you get immune to the wipe attack that one of the daughters will do at the end of each damage phase. So, the recipe is simple: steal the aura buff, unleash as much DPS as you can, and stay in the protective bubble to survive the post-damage-phase blast. Then go back to the platform mechanic and repeat everything once again.

The shield will always pass from one sister to another, so you’ll be able to damage both of them equally. However, it’s extremely vital that you do not prioritize one over the other. When you kill one sister, you must finish off the other one in the next damage phase, or your squad will get wiped. We recommend spreading attacks evenly on both of them so that when one is defeated, the second is low on health and can be easily put down in the next DPS round.

So, just like that, using platform and buff-stealing mechanics, you get through this encounter and enter the final battle of the raid, which we’ll gladly walk you through in our next blog entry on the King’s Fall raid.

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