Destiny 2 Iron Banner Cheese: Get 78 Points in 1 Second

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Cheese: Get 78 Points in 1 Second

Cheese Forever is back with, well, another Destiny 2 cheese. This time, in Season of the Deep’s Iron Banner (IB).

Apparently, using Khepri’s Horn and the Suspended Barricade Aspect on a control point will rack up tons of points for capturing it. According to said YouTuber, they managed to get an astounding 78 points in a mere second during IB matches. This glitch allowed both teams to benefit from the exploit. Thus, making it an attractive strategy to speedrun the match and farm for those IB rewards. 

Unfortunately, just like the infinite Legendary Shards glitch, Bungie has quickly patched it up. Just two hours after the cheese was discovered. It was a reasonable decision coming from the developers, as this is indeed quite a game-breaking bug. However, another uproar erupted since the studio has yet to address other more pressing matters in the game. Instead, they choose to focus on hunting down the bugs that bring joy to the players.

However, the community wasn’t feeling down for long. Players who still equipt said Exotic can continue to reap benefits from the cheese.

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