Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023: Warlocks Have Yet to Win

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Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023: Warlocks Have Yet to Win

The resounding in-game declaration of “Warlocks won Guardian Games 2023” has no doubt electrified the Destiny 2 community. Thus, plunging players into a wild whirlwind of confusion and excitement. Nevertheless, Bungie swiftly intervened to dispel the charged atmosphere. They confirmed that the true champion has yet to make an official appearance.

The Guardian Games has just begun on May 2, 2023. It’s expected to finish its run over the course of three weeks. However, after only almost four days, players who logged into the FPS title were suddenly greeted with a striking, Warlock-colored banner. Plastered upon it was the announcement of the Warlocks being this year’s winner and a call to attend the Closing Ceremony.

Alas, Bungie’s official statement soon followed. They revealed that said in-game message was sent out erroneously. With two more weeks remaining in the competition, the winning class has not been officially determined.

So, Hunters and Titans, at the time being, there is no cause for alarm. The event has just commenced and all three classes still have ample time to prove their mettle and showcase their unrivaled prowess. That being said, the Titans may have the most determination to win this year. After all, a big part of the community is rooting for them as a way to pay tribute to Lance Reddick, the voice actor of Zavala.

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