Destiny 2: Get Infinite Legendary Shards Now before It’s Patched!

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Destiny 2: Get Infinite Legendary Shards Now before It's Patched!


Well, folks, Bungie has caught up with the glitch. They have addressed the matter on their official Bungie Help Twitter and announced the disabling of the ability to reacquire 2022 Guardian Games class items from Collections. Thus, closing up the source of infinite shards.

The decision has not been received positively by the Destiny 2 community. Many are pointing out that there are still numerous game-breaking bugs that require attention but remain unaddressed. Yet, a minor bug that brought joy to players was quick to be shut down.

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Are you running low on Legendary Shards in Destiny 2? Hop on and seize your chance at getting an infinite supply of these purple crystals!

Have you ever found yourself in a tight spot where you desperately need to purchase items from Xur, or infuse your gear to make it stronger, but your account is short on Legendary Shards? Well, it’s time to put all those concerns behind you. As the tides have turned thanks to the popular YouTuber Cheese Forever. They have discovered a game-changing solution to your problem. Thus, granting you an unlimited amount of shards beyond your wildest dreams.

To get a better hang on how it works, check out their one-minute video right below.

But don’t wait too long to take advantage of this opportunity, as Bungie is sure to patch up the glitch in due time. If you miss out on this once-in-a-blue-moon chance, you may find yourself having to garner this peculiar currency the traditional way.

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