Destiny 2 Gambit Bug: 3-Minute Invader

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Destiny 2 Gambit Bug: 3-Minute Invader

A Destiny 2 Gambit bug has made a player stay as an Invader for about three minutes. And thanks to this unexpected advantage, they secured 14 takedowns in a single invasion.

Destiny 2 has been grappling with a surge of bugs, glitches, disconnections, and server instability in recent times. Bungie has confirmed that the root cause is a persistent DDoS attack targeting the game. Despite their ongoing efforts to resolve the issue, the popular looter shooter remains in an erratic state. Adding to the challenges, the FPS title recently encountered yet another peculiar bug. This time, within its Gambit mode.

TAQ-2015 took to Reddit to share their experience. They detailed how this bug granted them an unexpectedly lengthy period as an Invader. It lasted almost 3 minutes, far beyond the typical duration of 30 seconds to 1 minute. This extended time frame significantly tilted the odds in their favor. However, that wasn’t everything. At one moment, they even turned invisible. And so, they could effortlessly defeat unsuspecting foes passing by.

Bungie continues to actively investigate the persisting error codes reported in Destiny 2.

They are working towards resolving these prevalent issues. The studio will keep players informed as progress is made and updates become available.

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