Destiny 2: Bungie Updates on Server Issues and Error Codes

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Destiny 2: Bungie Updates on Server Issues and Error Codes

Destiny 2 had been plagued by a troubling series of server issues and errors in recent times. Fortunately, just a few hours ago, Bungie provided reassurance to players. They stated that these problems have now been resolved. 

The studio confirmed that Destiny 2 was under a relentless DDoS attack. Despite their diligent efforts to address the issues, the situation only worsened. Earlier this week, the PvE enemies didn’t even bother to respond to players’ presence. Guardians struggled with doors that didn’t open and sudden disconnections from the game. Fortunately, it appears that the ordeal has finally come to a close. 

Yet, within the comment section, the community remains divided. Some are overjoyed that they can do Strikes and Nightfall without a problem. Others report that they are still getting booted out midway through activities. They go as far as saying Bungie has declared triumph over the DDoS attack too soon.

Bungie encourages players still facing game access issues to report them on their Help Forums. Nevertheless, it seems the studio still has a long way to go until their game is finally back on its feet. 

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