Destiny 2 Bug: Raid Exotic Gun Damage Plummeted Down

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The Fighting Lion Grenade Launcher and Immortal Legendary Strand kinetic submachine gun are having a blasting time in Destiny 2. None can deny their jaw-dropping damage. And yet, one of the most coveted weapons, One Thousand Voices Exotic Fusion Rifle, is going through a rough patch with its damage heavily reduced.

Being the reward of the Last Wish, its destructive capability is a force to be reckoned with. Even though years have gone by since said raid was first released, it still remains in the game’s DPS meta. However, powerful as it is, the rifle can’t escape from the mutual fate of being bugged. In the post of Redditor Wolfram521, you can see an in-detail report of what is happening.

The issue occurs when the gun is used under the effects of Radiant and Well of Radiance. With those two being active, receiving a significant 42% reduction in damage output is inevitable. This is a tremendous loss to fans of the weapon as it tampers with not only normal gameplay, but also endgame content.

While this is not the first Well of Radiance’s damage-related problem, players are worried about the impact of this issue on their gameplay experience. After all, it’s only escalating. As of now, the community can only hope that Bungie will address the issue with their mid-season update. However, until the issue is resolved, players will need to find other ways to achieve their desired gameplay outcomes.

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