Destiny 2: PvP and PvE Meta Weapons

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What Could Bring Victory In Battle?

PvP and PvE are entirely different things in Destiny 2 that require entirely different loadout, tactics, and strategies. A good gun for PvE will most likely perform not that well in PvP. With this in mind, let’s talk about the best of PvP and PvE destiny 2 weapons meta separately.

PvP: “You fight to win, Guardian. So fight.” (Shaxx)

Let’s start with the player versus player first. There are lots of activities where you can outplay other Guardians: The Crucible, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner one are always open, others are time-limited (rephrase), but the point is whether you’d like to shoot other Guardians you have your chances just grab a reliable weapon and dive in!

The Chaperone: Exotic Shotgun

What is a good weapon for PvP? The Chaperone (Exotic) is dominating in PvP meta today, hands down. It is a kinetic slug shotgun, and, for the matter of fact, shotguns always had their nested place in the PvP Destiny 2 meta. The Chaperone is one of the very best slug shotguns in the game. Its one-shot kill range, perhaps the most important thing for this type of weapon, is further than any other one in the game, regardless of perks. Getting a kill further increases that range. The Chaperone is the essential PvP slug shotgun. You can get it from Shaw Han on Cosmodrome by completing respecting Exotic quest.

Felwinter’s Lie: Legendary Shotgun

Another popular weapon of choice is Felwinter’s Lie (Legendary) matched with perks like Slideshot, Surplus, and Opening Shot, which could be bought from Exotic Kiosk (Legacy Gear).

The Palindrome (Adept): Legendary Hand Cannon

For the Hand Cannon users out there The Palindrome (Adept) is a great option. This legendary weapon has been introduced back in Season 13 and now it’s one of the best 140RPM hand cannons that can bring you victory. The Palindrome (Adept) deals void damage and uses primary ammo, and can be obtained in Nightfall: Ordeal Completions (rotates weekly), Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Vex Mythoclast: Exotic Fusion Rifle

Honorable mention: Vex Mythoclast (Exotic) is good for both PvP and PvE modes. Vex is a fusion rifle that fires primary ammo, deals solar damage, and shoots like an auto rifle. After being buffed in Season of the Lost, Vex Mythoclast, especially with its extremely strong catalyst, is a beast, capable of efficiently melting through hordes of enemies. Combined with Season of the Lost’s fusion rifle-themed artifact mods, it is easily one of if not the strongest exotics in the game currently. It could be obtained in the Vault of Glass raid.

PvE: “Whether we wanted it or not, we’ve stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars…” (Zavala)

Now some weapons for the PvE content. Here we have to take the Artifact in the account Wayfinder’s Compass. The most important mods are in the first column. And since we got only one archetype in the Anti-Barrier mod slot, so let’s start with an Auto Rifle.

Gnawing Hunger: Legendary Auto Rifle

Remember Gnawing Hunger (Legendary), which was introduced way back in season 6? It deals void damage, uses primary ammo, and is relatively easy to control: an absolute necessity in any high-level activity. Furthermore, it’s easy to acquire, probably you have one already as it is a world drop item. Perks to look for: Chambered Compensator or Arrowhead Break, Extended Mag, Subsistence, Rampage or Demolitionist.

Le Monarque: Exotic Bow and Falling Guillotine: Legendary Sword

Another important mod for that strong against Overload Champions offers you to choose a bow or a sword. Since swords aren’t as powerful as they once were, try the Exotic bow Le Monarque, which uses primary ammo and deals void damage, packed with its poison arrows to tear your enemies apart. Good choice if you got tired of the good old classic—legendary Falling Guillotine, of course.

The bow can be obtained through the Lost Light Monument and the sword is part of the world loot pool.

Travellers Chosen: Exotic Sidearm

If you want to deal with Unstoppable Champions you are on the lookout for Pulse Rifle or Sidearm. Both archetypes are relevant in PvE this season thanks to the limited mod selection the Wayfinder’s Compass has. Try out the relatively new legendary pulse rifle Jurassic Green (if you have one from Festival of the Lost 2021 ) or Exotic Sidearm Travellers Chosen, which can be purchased through the Monument to Lost Light.

Ascendancy: Legendary Rocket Launcher

Honorable mention: Ascendancy (Rocket Launcher). Once Bungie buffed Ascendancy’s Explosive Light perk, the rocket launcher is suddenly among the top rocket launchers in the game. Give it a try it might surprise you how good it could be in terms of cleaning small enemies.

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