Bungie Unbans Destiny 2 Players, Giving Them 5,000 Silver

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Bungie Unbans Players, Giving Them 5,000 Silver

Bungie has unbanned previously suspended accounts in Destiny 2. The studio also gives them 5,000 Silver.

The Verge’s senior editor, Tom Warren, shared a letter sent by Bungie to a group of Destiny 2 players. It detailed the unbanning of users who were mistakenly blocked. These accounts were flagged and banned from the game due to suspected interference with the game’s client operation.


The developers of the FPS title are committed to maintaining a fair playing environment. And so, they often take action against dishonest players. However, there are instances where innocent accounts were unintentionally flagged in this process. 

Bungie acknowledged that occasional mistakes in the banning system can happen. They also expressed sincere apologies to affected players for having to put up with this frustrating situation. They also assured users that they had made improvements to their detection methods to prevent such mishaps in the future. 

As a goodwill gesture, Bungie went a step further by gifting the affected Destiny 2 players 5,000 silver. This in-game currency is usually purchasable with real money. It allows players to access game expansions, seasonal passes, and a wide array of cosmetics available at the Eververse store.

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