Bungie Speaks Out after Layoffs within the Studio

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Bungie Speaks Out after Controversial Layoffs within the Studio

Bungie has released a statement in response to the recent layoffs that took place within the studio under scandalous circumstances. Players have been waiting for a long time, especially when information started to surface about their projects being delayed and Matter even being canned.

Over the last week, Bungie employees have been supporting each other and those who are no longer within their team, says the statement. “This has been one of the most difficult weeks in our studio’s history,” which is unsurprising given the loss of over 8% of employees.

Bungie promises to regain public trust, pull themselves together, and bring Destiny to the state players wish. They plan to make The Final Shape an unforgettable experience, a culmination that Guardians will remember fondly. Over 650 employees are currently working hard to complete the saga and the upcoming episodes, pouring their souls into the work.

In the coming weeks, fans are promised more details about Season 23, upcoming expansion, and the future after the saga of Darkness and Light. Thus, the article ends.

Our Path Forward Destiny 2

The studio’s statement was very neutral and not particularly informative. They admitted their guilt, but this may not be enough for many. The mention of the laid-off employees is only at the statement’s beginning, without details on how they will assist them, only made players more angry with the company. Bungie swears to improve the situation and not disappoint the public, but there is no specificity on exactly how. Moreover, they still need to provide information about the delay of The Final Shape — the most important expansion in the game’s history. As mentioned in the previous reports, The Final Shape is going to be released in June, and the upcoming season might be one of the longest in the game’s lifespan.

What do you think about this? Do you believe Bungie can rectify the situation, or is this talk to appease their fans and recover canceled pre-orders? We await your thoughts in the comments!

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