Destiny 2: Bungie raised Lost Sector Exotic Drop Rate

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It’s time, Guardians, to get those Lost Sector Exotics in Destiny 2. After the hotfix on March 16, Bungie has increased their drop rate. However, it’s only applicable to the Legendary and Master difficulty. In addition, the studio didn’t give out the exact numbers, leaving players to experiment by themselves.

Bungie’s decision to raise the loot chance appears to be a response to the community’s feedback regarding unsatisfactory rewards for higher-difficulty activities. Previously, there were complaints that the game mode was too hard to complete. The activity requires a Power level of 1830 for Legendary and 1840 for Master. Yet, no significant prize was presented to compensate for their efforts.

Said mode is a handy way to gear up characters. It offers Guardians an opportunity to obtain Exotic armor they don’t possess or higher-stat versions of their current pieces. The loot cycles daily, featuring Exotic from head to toe and even class armor.

While the boost in drop rate may make Lost Sectors more attractive, its difficulty still poses a challenging adversary. Thus, players will need to assess whether it’s worth their time grinding there.

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