Bungie Addresses Destiny 2 Lightfall Strand Berserker Concerns

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The highly anticipated Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2 is almost upon us. And so is the wave of excitement about the latest Strand subclass. Yet, amidst the hype train, the Titan Berserker has evoked concerns from players. Thus, Bungie has to address the matter.

As the latest addition to the Titan subclass in Destiny 2, the Berserker has received mixed reactions from the community. Some are fascinated by what is to come. Others, not so much. They stated it resembles Fists of Havoc and Glacial Quake. In response, the developers assured players that the Titan Strand offers unique gameplay opportunities. They are confident it will be fresh and distinct from previous subclasses.

The design lead, Kevin Yanes, emphasized the concept of the Berserker as a wild and untamable force. He also confirmed the Strand would continue to evolve and expand in future seasons.

Despite the developers’ efforts to quell the Titan mains’ disappointment, many remain unsatisfied. Thus, only time will tell if the Lightfall subclass truly meets the community’s expectations.

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