Destiny 2 best PvE weapons in Season of Plunder

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Season of the Plunder is already in full swing, and players are exploring all the new content with a great mind. With the new season comes the new meta, which doesn’t only radically change the players’ internal inventory but forces them to try something completely unique. We all want to know everything about current Destiny 2 top PVE weapons, so here we are!

This article will specify which Season of Plunder PVE weapons are the best to pick on the battlefield. We will have time to go through the new guns, blow the dust off the old ones and remember which exotics are worth using right now. And don’t forget that you can buy Plunder PVE weapons boost, so you save yourself time, and we will provide the weapons you need in the shortest time possible. Please sit back, and let’s dive into our Destiny 2 PVE meta guide!

Legendary Weapons for PVE

As for usual, we’ll start with the legendary weapons, which are just as good as the exotic ones, thanks to their perks and other features. Destiny 2 PVE meta weapons always intrigue us because even a gun that is not the most remarkable in appearance can turn out to be an absolute monster in reality.


Best Rolls: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload, Firefly

Where to find it: Vault of Glass Raid — third and fourth encounter

If you read our article about the best hand cannons for PVP, you will immediately remember our favorite and only one Fatebringer. As you can see, this hand cannon is more suitable for PVE. It is especially worth clarifying that it will be ideal in your hands only in a combination of such perks as Explosive Payload and Firefly. Your friends will be able to rely on you in a heat on the battlefield, and your enemies will explode, like in the Michael Bay films. This is for sure one of the best kinetic weapons in Destiny 2 PVE.

Zaouli’s Bane

Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload, Incandescent/Firefly

Where to find it: King’s Fall Raid — fourth, fifth and final encounter

Second hand cannon on the list and a returning gun from the original Destiny that you can get in the updated King’s Fall Raid. Zaouli’s Bane has managed to appeal to many players, including us, and get into the meta as well, among other PVE weapons. Destiny 2 Plunder PVE weapons are not particularly surprising and can be said to be re-invented old Destiny 2 guns that are a little weaker. The same can be said about this gun. Zaouli’s Bane is slightly inferior to Fatebringer in terms of its characteristics. Still, it is an excellent replacement for it since it can be crafted with all the perks you need!

We don’t want to lie to you, but that’s the case when Zaouli’s Bane can be called the best hand cannon in Destiny 2 PVE. You can undoubtedly call Bungie lazy, but what can we do about this? 🙂

Doom of Chelchis

Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Accurized Rounds, Firefly/Explosive Payload/Vorpal Weapon, Dragonfly/Frenzy/Focused Fury

Where to find it: King’s Fall Raid — first, second and final encounter

Scout rifle, which surprised everyone with its perks, specifically perk combinations. Here, for the first time, Firefly and Dragonfly paired together, which can help you turn you enemies into a real bomb. For Nightfalls, it has a great combo of Vorpal Weapon and Focused Fury to deal even more damage to Champions, as well as Explosive Payload and Frenzy, perfect for all situations. Not only does it have such a variety of great perks, but you can also craft it. No matter what anyone says, this is the best PVE scout rifle in Destiny 2 at this moment.


Best Rolls: Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Subsistence, Adrenaline Junkie/Frenzy

Where to find it: legendary engrams, earn faction rank-up packages.

If you were looking for the best PVE SMG in Destiny 2, then Funnelweb is ready to crush the hordes of mobs without leaving anyone alive. We highly recommend farming the Subsistence perk. Thanks to it, you will become an unstoppable killing machine, and the reload might be forgotten as an option. The icing on the cake is Adrenaline Junkie, which increases the damage and handling from final blows with grenades or this weapon, or Frenzy, which increases damage, reload, and handling when you are in combat. Indeed a sacred weapon for the destruction of damned devils!

And yeah, of course, this is the best PVE energy weapon in Destiny 2!

Calus mini-tool

Best Rolls: Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Grave Robber/Unrelenting, Incandescent

Where to find it: Umbral engrams, Opulent Chests on Leviathan.

Most likely Calus’s favorite Submachine Gun! At its core, it is Funnelweb that has Solar damage. Even though the Calus mini-tool has completely different perks, they help it become even more deadly due to Incandescent, which sets on fire all enemies around him when it kills them. At the same time, with Solar 3.0, you can make a build that will take full advantage of this perk. For example, hunters will be able to recover their dodge faster. A nice bonus for you can be the opportunity to craft it!


Best Rolls: Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Ambitious Assassin, Chain Reaction

Where to find it: Vow of the Disciple Raid — Second and Fourth encounters.

Grenade Launcher with Wave Frame will make an absolute storm on the battlefield. With Chain Reaction, this weapon has become the best Special-ammo weapon for ads-clearing and Ambitious Assassin will help you shoot faster, occasionally skipping the reload. As for the desired rolls, you will either have to farm them in the raid or farm Deepsight versions of the weapon, to unlock and craft it. And if you don’t have time to do this, you can purchase Salvager’s Salvo in Monument to Lost Lights, but it will never fully replace Forbearance.


Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Accelerated Coils, Auto-Loading Holster/Lead from Gold, Chill Clip/Vorpal Weapon
Where to find it: can be gotten from Lord Shaxx; random drop from Crucible

All of a sudden we have a stasis fusion rifle, which has all possible and impossible perks, and can be obtained through blood and sweat in PVP, only to be used solely in PVE. What an irony… Anyway, this weapon can be handy for destroying big targets on your way. Auto-Loading Holster and Chill Clip is an excellent choice if you want to сreate a huge DPS gun from it. But no one forbids you to experiment and try even such a classic combos as Lead from Gold and Vorpal Weapon.


Best Rolls: Arrowhead Brake, Enhanced Battery, Triple Tap/Clown Cartridge + Firing Line/Focused Fury

Where to find it: legendary engrams, faction rank-up packages.

This may be the best PVE gun from Plunder Season if you ask us. It is craftable, and you can get any perk you want. And it is our favorite linear fusion rifle in the game! Taipan-4fr can be used for insane DPS with perks like Triple Tap and Firing Line (when playing with team) or Focused Fury (when you are solo). Don’t waste your time, just get this gun, and it will give you a great time in PVE.

Exotic Weapons for PVE

We sorted out all legendary weapons, and it’s time to find out which Destiny 2 best PVE exotics are right now. We have four exciting weapons to choose from, which will appeal to your taste. Season of the Plunder PVE exotics won’t surprise veterans, but it will be helpful for new players to find out what exactly is in demand right now.


Where to find it: Monument to Lost Lights

Let’s start with something classic. Any grenade launcher fan knows that in PVE or Gambit, Witherhoard is the best choice. Excellent perks Primeval’s Torment and Break the Bank that blight the target or nearby area and then damages them over time and blight the nearby area on death are just beautiful pieces of art. If you don’t know what weapon is best to take to destroy mobs, big opponents, bosses, guardians, or anything else – Witherhoard will never let you down.


Where to find it: Exotic Engrams

In the community, Arbalest has never been a favorite, but in recent years Bungie has made some tweaks and changes that make this Linear Fusion Rifle great for fighting enemies with shields and barriers. This is just the perfect anti-barrier weapon, and if you’re doing missions as a team, knowing what kind of opponents to expect there, a couple of guardians should have it with them, especially in high-level activities.

Trinity Ghoul

Where to find it: Exotic Engrams

This bow has always been quite popular, as it is the perfect tool for killing a horde of opponents. Then after a 40% buff to exotic primaries versus red-bar enemies, more and more people started taking it. And so, when we got Arc 3.0, Trinity Ghoul became one of the most popular energy weapons. With it, you can easily get buff amplified, that helps you to run faster and reload your weapons, and make your build even more enjoyable to use.


Where to find it: Quest “And Out Fly the Wolves” from Shaw Han.

Who can name at least one person who plays in Destiny and does not know about Gjallarhorn? It’s not really surprising, that the most popular exotic from the original Destiny is consistently taken to almost any activity in Destiny 2. Do you need good boss damage in a dungeon? Not a problem, take the Gjallarhorn. Are you just looking for a reliable gun that’s fun to shoot with? Your choice will be Gjallarhorn. What is there to talk about when all non-Exotic Rocket Launchers become Gjallarhorn because of the Pack Hunter perk?!

The latest season has given us new favorites, but the Destiny 2 current PVE meta hasn’t changed much. Familiar faces still catch your eye, but to some extent, it is even pleasant to be among your good old friends. We hope you liked this article and will use it regularly. Don’t forget to share our guide with your friends!

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