Destiny 2 Best Nightfall Weapons in Season of the Wish

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Get ready to earn all the Destiny 2 Best Nightfall weapons in Season of the Wish!

Destiny 2 Best Nightfall Weapons

Key Takeaways:

  • At the time of publication of this article, there are 8 weapons available in Nightfalls and each of them is good in some way
  • The best Nightfall gun is the Undercurrent, which is useful anywhere
  • The worst gun on the list is the Braytech Osprey, which is inferior to many Rocket Launchers

Nightfalls in Destiny 2 are one of the most challenging contents in this game, especially the Grandmaster difficulty. Players’ suffering is certainly rewarded, as completing them yields numerous valuable materials, as well as unique guns: Nightfall weapons. NF weapons are mostly some of the best in D2, and in this article, we’ll try to tell you which ones are exactly so. Sit back comfortably, we are off to perform the most difficult tasks! 

Wild Style, Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2 Wild Style Adept

Unfortunately for many, the new Double Fire GL from Nightfalls turned out to be a disappointment. It lacks perks such as an Auto-loading Holster or Reconstruction, which are almost mandatory for Special Grenade Launchers, making it immediately worse than its competitors. Of course, the combination of Envious Assassin + Surrounded should be decent for DPS, but not in all Encounters. We recommend farming Wilderflight instead of Wild Style, as the perks are excellent there. If you need an Ad-clear GL, then take a closer look at Wave-frame Weapons.

The Slammer, Sword

Destiny 2 The Slammer

Moving from poor weaponry to the most intriguing weapon in Nightfall over the last year. It’s about Destiny 2 The Slammer Vortex Sword, which could become a leader in the meta. What’s so interesting about this sword? Primarily, it’s the combination of perks on it, namely:

As you can see, there’s something for everyone to appreciate in this Sword.

Pre Astyanax IV, Bow

Pre Astyanax IV Adept Nightfall

Pre Astyanax IV is the only Precision Bow in the game that can have a 540 Draw Time in its Adept version, which makes it really special in our Nightfall weapon tier list. However, obtaining the perfect roll may take a significant amount of time. In addition to this unique feature, the Pre Astyanax IV has excellent perks that benefit all game modes. Archer’s Tempo is the best Bow perk, while the others offer entirely different gameplay experiences.

When making Solar builds for PvE activities, your best bet is to go for Incandescent, as it can Scorch enemies and work well with Fragments and Aspects. Alternatively, an Explosive Head or Precision Instrument can increase your damage output passively. If you are more into PvP gameplay, Successful Warm-Up is an excellent choice for Kill-streak enthusiasts. However, if you are battling in 3v3 game modes, Opening Shot is a must-have as it can improve your accuracy.

Loaded Question, Fusion Rifle

Loaded Question Adept Nightfall

If you need an excellent PvE Fusion Rifle or are interested in the High-Impact Fusion Rifle to use in PvP, then Loaded Question (LQ) is definitely worth your attention. The community really often puts it as a part of the best GM Nightfall weapons lists, so you should check it out.

If you are looking for a DPS special gun, then Controlled Burst is the top choice in the 4th column, increasing damage and reducing Charge Time for hitting all five Bolts. For Ad-clear, Reservoir Burst is the finest pick, although there are better guns for these purposes. In PvP, the combination of Under Pressure and Eye of the Storm will significantly increase the accuracy of Loaded Question. If you do not have a good Glacioclasm, then definitely pay attention to this roll because LQ is in Nightfall weapon meta.

Although The Eremite is craftable with similar perks, it lacks one important feature: Adept mods. Adept Big Ones is a highly beneficial mod, significantly improving damage against majors, vehicles, and bosses. On the other hand, Adept Charge Time is an excellent mod for Crucible, as it reduces Charge Time. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t reduce damage, unlike Accelerated Coils. So, you can consider Loaded Question as a part of best Nightfall weapons for PvP.

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Undercurrent, Grenade Launcher

Undercurrent Adept Nightfall

Undercurrent stands out as one of the best Nightfall weapons for PvE during the Season of the Wish. As a Special Arc Wave frame Grenade Launcher, many players have been comparing it to Forbearance. While it may not outperform Forbearance, Undercurrent has unique perks you won’t find on a Grenade Launcher from Vow of the Disciple. The perk combination of Demolitionist and Voltshot allows you to take out groups of enemies while regenerating your Grenade as fast as possible. We recommend obtaining it the next time when it is in rotation because you don’t want to skip one of the best Nightfall weapons for Solo players. 

Uzume RR4, Sniper Rifle

Uzume RR4 Adept Nightfall

Uzume RR4 has returned to the hands of Guardians, gaining attractive new perks and becoming a part of the best Nightfall weapons in Season 23. However, it hasn’t received any new perks to use in PvP, so it’s still limited to Snapshot Sights and Vorpal Weapon. But in PvE, it can quickly become your go-to rifle despite not being the leading archetype. Regarding DPS Phases, using the Fourth Time’s the Charm perk combined with Precision Instrument yields impressive results, while Lead from Gold and Vorpal Weapon are the preferred perks for neutral play. If you’re looking to get the best Adept Nightfall weapons, go for the Uzume RR4.

Warden’s Law, Hand Cannon

Warden's Law Adept Nightfall

Season of the Witch introduced a lot of new things, including a new Hand Cannon archetype called Heavy Burst. This new archetype is perfectly represented by the gun called Warden’s Law. Obtaining this gun is highly recommended as it is considered the best Nightfall weapon to focus in Destiny 2.

Its firing is entirely different from other HCs and more similar to Crimson or 2-Burst Pulse Rifles. The first representative of this archetype is the returned Warden’s Law. If you love playing as a Hunter, you must get a Fourth Time’s the Charm and Vorpal Weapon combination, as this Hand Cannon, combined with Lucky Pants, deals massive damage, even surpassing Malfeasance. Only this can make it one of the Destiny 2 best Grandmaster Nightfall weapons

In terms of general usage, Enlightened Action with Rampage or Frenzy is more suitable, as the improved Reload Speed and Damage will make this weapon much more pleasant to use.

In PvP, Warden’s Law is not as good as one would like, but it still has its unique features. As an example, when Kill Clip is activated, it is capable of taking down any Guardian in two shots, something even Aggressive Frame HCs cannot do. If you have problems shooting from this weapon, Zen Moment reduces flinch and recoil for each hit. All in all, any player will call it one of the best Grandmaster Nightfall weapons in Destiny 2!

Braytech Osprey, Rocket Launcher

Braytech Osprey Adept Nightfall

Braytech Osprey Nightfall weapon is generally perceived as a lackluster choice due to its unremarkable archetype and perks, which is one of the worst Nightfall weapons to obtain. However, it still has some intriguing combinations that are worth exploring.

One of the most fascinating of these is the Envious Assassin and Bipod combination, which empowers your Rocket Launcher to hold up to seven rockets in one magazine, enabling you to unleash a devastating salvo on your enemies. This Rocket Launcher still won’t be on par with the best Nightfall weapons in Season of the Wish, but it will be more than useful.

Alternatively, you could opt for the Pulse Monitor perk, which allows you to spend all of your rocket reserves without the need for a single reload. This perk is handy when standing in close quarters with a boss in the Well of Radiance because each rocket you fire substantially damages your health, potentially taking you down.

Final Words

That’s all you need to know about these best Nightfall weapons Destiny 2 has to offer. If you have more questions about them, you can ask us in the comments below, and we will answer them. Moreover, you can check out the Nightfall Weapon This Week instrument to stay informed about the gun and nightfall rotations. Furthermore, we recommend checking out the best Vanguard weapons in Destiny 2, as aside from Nightfall ones, you can get other PvE guns.

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