Discover the Best Arc Hunter Builds in Destiny 2

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Learn everything you need to make the best Arc Hunter build in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish!


Hunters are renowned for their incredibly powerful and aggressive subclasses, capable of turning around the entire situation on the battlefield. They’ve proven this with Strand, Void, and even Solar. Now it’s time to show what they have in stock for Arc. 

In today’s guide, we’ll look into the best Arc Hunter builds in Destiny 2 and explain all their strengths. Let’s accelerate; it’s time to catch up with your opponents!

Best PvE Arc Hunter Build: Liar’s Handshake Build

Liars Handshake

If you thought the best Melee Subclass was Arc Titan, then you didn’t see top Arc Hunter builds in Destiny 2. You have yet to learn what a Hunter with a correctly selected loadout can do. Why is that? It’s all about the Melee ability called Combination Blow, which has the capability to refill Class ability and restore health after Melee Final Blow. It also stacks three times, each of which will significantly increase the damage of the Combination Blow. 

Regarding Aspects in this build, the key one here is Lethal Current. After dodging, your next Melee hit jolts the target, creating a damaging aftershock. The second Aspect, Flow State, includes quicker recharge of Class abilities and faster reload speed, which is a great addition.

The ideally suited Exotic armor for Arc Hunter is precisely Liar’s Handshake. What do these Arms do? Essentially, they make Combination Blow even stronger. After using your Arc Melee ability or being hit by a Melee attack, you’ll receive Cross Counter buff for 3 seconds. This buff grants 200% improved Melee damage and heals after Melee hits. If you need survivability, it is better to use Assassin’s Cowl, which will give you Invisibility and Health Regen from Powered Melee Final Blows.

Since Combination Blow grants you Class ability, and dodge itself gives Melee ability, it is useless to upgrade Mobility and Strength. Instead, it’s better to invest your stats in Resilience and Discipline. The same goes for mods. Since we have a Melee build, we can’t do without Heavy Handed and Hands-on, which creates an Orb of Power and provides Super Energy by accomplishing Melee Final Blow. Next, you can spend the received Armor Charge on Weapon Surge Mods, gaining bonus damage for your Heavy Weapon. Finally, Hunters frequently use their Class ability, so setting mods like Bomber (grants grenade energy) and Powerful Attraction (collects Orbs of Power) is recommended.

Star-Eater Scales Build

Star-Eater Scales

The gameplay of the next Arc Hunter PvE Build will be identical to the previous one. However, it performs much better in Raids or Dungeons due to the emphasis on Gathering Storm. 

We’ve already discussed Combination Blow in the last Build, so let’s focus on Star-Eater Scales. The Orbs of Power you collect now give more Super Energy, and if you pick them up with a fully charged Super, you also receive stacks of Overcharge. This buff boosts the damage of Gathering Storm by up to 70%, making one of the best Super in the game even more vital.

Continuing the discussion of this Arc Hunter build guide, generating Orbs with Combination Blow and Heavy Handed is still here. Using Weapon Surge Mods won’t hurt, as you’ll most likely need the bonus damage for your Heavy weapons during DPS phases. To maximize the benefits of the Armor Charge, try applying Time Dilation to extend the buff duration from 10 to 15 seconds.

Best PvP Arc Hunter Build: Wormhusk Crown Build

Wormhusk Crown

As usual, our last Build will be for Crucible. Although this Arc Hunter subclass meta in Destiny 2 is unpopular in PvP, it can still compete with more powerful Subclasses.

Regarding Exotic gear, the Wormhusk Crown is a great choice for restoring 67 HP when using your Class ability. This Helmet is particularly effective for Arc builds, as it works well with dodge abilities. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Gathering Storm has been greatly improved for PvP in Season 21, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

The Lethal Current Aspect, in addition to the above effects, also increases the lunge range after dodge, making it much easier to finish off the enemy with your Melee. By the way, we wanted to mention one final thing about Melee in this Arc Hunter PvP Build. Combination Blow comes back into play because defeating targets with this ability fully refills Class ability energy. A new Aspect called Tempest Strike replaces your Melee with a devastating uppercut attack while sliding, which can often help destroy an enemy in the corridors. However, the good old Flow State still could be your pick instead of Tempest Strike.

Finally, let’s move on to Fragments and mods to complete one of the best build loadouts for Arc Hunter. The new Spark of Instinct is a rather interesting choice, as it emits a burst of damaging Arc energy, while Recharge speeds up Melee and Grenade regen. These two Fragments are triggered only when you are critically wounded. Feedback increases Melee damage by 50% when you hit back. At the same time, Magnitude simply extends the duration of our Pulse Grenade. Since the main element in this Build is dodge, we advise using Reaper, which creates an Orb of Power when finishing off Guardian on Class ability usage. It quite often helps players as Better Already begins health regeneration, and Invigoration gives Grenade Energy on Orb of Power Pickup.

Arc Hunter Artifact Mods

Your builds are almost complete, but there’s one small detail remaining: adding the optimal perks for Arc Hunter builds from the Artifact. Sadly, Season of the Wish doesn’t include any mods for Arc. Therefore, we recommend choosing what you like. Choose from the Artifact something that is connected to your weapon and can somehow help you.

Final Words on Best Arc Hunter Builds

That’s all you need to know about the best Hunter builds for Arc subclass. With their help, you will achieve unprecedented heights, which will make your life easier in any content. If you have any questions or want to show your appreciation, feel free to leave a comment. Do you need help with the passage of content or can not build a build without the help of a professional? WowVendor solves such problems with Destiny 2 Services, where any desire of the buyer will be granted.

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