Best Hand Cannons for PVP in Destiny 2

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Our old friend in Destiny 2 always told us one important thing — hand cannons can only be used by the Chosen Ones or those who constantly hang out in PVP. It’s a pity we didn’t see him again after that, but that’s not the point. Hand Cannon is the most difficult primary weapon to shoot in Destiny 2. If you know how to use them properly and your aim allows you to put headshots, welcome to this guide!

Today we will figure out the best PVP hand cannons in Destiny 2. We will look at the fastest, most powerful, most stylish, unusual and useful ones. So let’s say, for every color and taste. Just remember that the article is relevant during the Season of the Haunted, so some hand cannons may not be relevant in the next season. You can buy hand cannons from us if you have trouble getting these guns! Please sit back, take out a notebook and write down all the most important things from our Destiny 2 hand cannon PVP tier list guide!

Legendary Hand Cannons for PVP

Our list will start with the best legendary hand cannons in Destiny 2. In our opinion, 140 RPM hand cannons are the best for PVP due to the fact that they do a great job of shooting players. So, do not be surprised by their overload! Even though 180 RPMs have recently received a buff, they still don’t deserve to be the best hand cannons in PVP. The 120 RPM Igneous Hammer could have been on the list, but unfortunately, it’s no longer available to beginners.


Best Rolls: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Ricochet Rounds, Eye of the Storm/Snapshot Sights, Rangefinder

Where to find it: Chests on Leviathan, which opens by keys from activity Nightmare Containment; With Season Pass, you can focus shadow engrams on this hand cannon; you can craft it.

The first one on the list is Austringer! Best kinetic hand cannon in Destiny 2 for PVP! The main favorite of the audience, which now leads Meta Weapons in the game! Shout out to this beautiful gun!

It was always on the top-hand cannons lists for a long time, but because of the Sunset, it’s off the grid today. Now it’s back on the podium, and it helps players in PVP and even PVE never like before. You will become a monster among the players thanks to its perks and good base stats. One of those hand cannons that will definitely have a place in your heart!


Best Rolls: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Explosive Payload/Killing Wind, Kill Clip/Opening Shot

Where to find it: third and fourth encounter in Vault of Glass raid

The Ex-King has been a favorite among the players since Destiny 1, but its time has passed, although it is still relevant in PVP. This hand cannon with Explosive Payload and Kill Clips perks can still make a difference in a fight, and the angry voices of players will add strength to both of you. In addition, this gun has an adept version that drops from the master version Vault of Glass.

CANTATA-57 (140rpm)

Best Rolls: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Rapid Hit/Eye of the Storm, Rangefinder

Where to find it: Drops randomly from engrams; Sometimes can be bought from Banshee.

You can say this is the best energy hand cannon for PVP in Destiny 2. This gun is not very old, but it has already become a favorite weapon for some Guardians. One of its features is unique perc for the Suros guns family called Suros Energy, which allows aim faster after reloading and reduces the flinch effect by 6 seconds. This gun has very unusual recoil, but if it’s not a problem for you, then Cantata-57 will be an excellent choice.


Best Rolls: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Ricochet Rounds, Rapid Hit, Rangefinder/Kill Clip

Where to find it: It can randomly drop after a game in Crucible; It can be dropped from engrams at Shaxx for ranking up.

One of the most accessible guns to obtain and will definitely please in the beginning. Its range is not the best, but if you can deal with fast headshots, then with the help of Omolon Trait, you can quickly shoot down targets and have a low reload time. This gun deserved its place on the list only because it’s good for the newcomers, and even Cantata-57 can easily replace it.


Best Rolls: Fastdraw HCS, Ricochet Rounds, Rangefinder/Perpetual Motion, Kill Сlip

Where to find it: You can obtain it from Grasp of Avarice dungeon, which is part of Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack DLC. This gun only drops from the final boss, but you can easily farm it, and thanks to two engrams from the boss, you can obtain the best rolls.

It’s one of those guns you like to shoot, and you can’t stop looking at it! It came back from the original Destiny, and with its incredible perks, it can destroy enemies. Classic Kill Clip and Rangefinder easily pair with any 140 RPM hand cannon. Even in the hands of a not-so-experienced guardian, this gun will be a pleasure to use.

Since this gun is in Grasp of Avarice dungeon, then on a specific week, you can get Pinnacle to loot for its completion. You can find more details about Destiny 2 weekly rotation system in our other article.


Best Rolls: Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Rangefinder/Rapid Hit, Explosive Payload/Opening Shot

Where to find it: Random drop in Gambit or focus an engram from Gambit, which you can get from Drifter for ranking up.

Unlike other hand cannons, Dollar only has 120 RPM, but it can still make a difference. Many good rolls allow you to make a dream weapon from Bottom Dollar, but you will have to grind for many hours in Gambit. It is worth noting that because of the archetype, this hand cannon might push you away because it can’t outshoot the 140 RPM guns, but you still have an advantage while fighting in the distance.

DIRE PROMISE (140 rpm)

Best Rolls: Fastdraw HCS, Ricochet Rounds, Snapshot Sights/Opening Shot, Rangefinder

Where to find it: Xur sells it sometimes.

One of the most famous hand cannons in the game got its fame for a reason. But the biggest problem with this gun is the obtaining method. We can’t thoroughly recommend it, but if Xur got this or a similar roll — buy it no matter what. Long story short, with God Rolls Dire Promise, you will be a massive threat to the players in PVP.

Exotic Hand Cannons for PVP

These were the best legendary hand cannons. Now it’s time for the exotic ones. Here are three of the most interesting ones for fighting against players. Every perk is more interesting than the last one. But every gun on this list you may like.

CRIMSON (415 rpm)

Where to find it: Exotic engram

One of the easiest hand cannons to use, especially on a gamepad. Because this is an exotic weapon, it can only be dropped from the exotic engram. So, sadly, you just have to wait until it drops. But if you still don’t have listed hand cannons with good rolls or want to mix up your gameplay, then Crimson will be your choice.

ACE OF SPADES (140rpm)

Where to find it: Monument to Lost Light

Almost everyone knows it, but we will tell you about its perks for the newcomers. You can see a radar on your sight, and reloading after finishing a blow from this gun will increase damage for the next six shots, giving you a massive advantage in the intense fights. Also, after finishing a blow in the head, you will have an increased reload speed, and the enemy will explode, and the explosion will deal solar damage to close players. You can say this gun was made for PVP.

THE LAST WORD (225 rpm)

Where to find it: Monument to Lost Light

The most skill-based hand cannon in the game, but if you learn how to play with it. This gun will grant you easy kills and exciting gameplay. Best exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2, if you ask us. Exotic perc makes this weapon fire full auto, and also hip-fire shots deal bonus precision damage while increasing reload speed and accuracy. This hand cannon will be a good choice for the gamepad players, and it’s a must-have for the keyboard players.

As you can see, there are plenty of hand cannons in Destiny 2 that can be called the best for PVP. Some of them are better than others, but all of them will be a good choice for your crucible games. If you are interested to know more about weapons, check out our other guides. Such as Duality Weapons Overview, where we discuss the best weapons not only for PVP but also for PVE. Also, we recommend reading the Adept Weapons guide, where some of them are as good as other guns in Destiny 2. And that’s all for today!

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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