Destiny 2: 24-Hour Maintenance Before Lightfall Launch

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A 24-hour maintenance is set a day before Destiny 2 Lightfall release date. According to February 2 TWAB, the downtime will begin on February 27 at 9:00 AM (PST). You’ll also receive a reminder both in-game and on Bungie’s social media channels prior to the event.

Players can take advantage of the outage to pre-install Lightfall on all platforms. The download file will be enormous. But it’ll result in faster load times and reduce overall disk space consumption.

The company advised Guardians to wrap up the remaining objectives from Season of the Seraph before the scheduled maintenance period. They also cautioned that you should anticipate sign-in queues once Season 20 has been launched. Particularly during the initial hours and peak playing times. You should keep an eye on @BungieHelp and @Destiny2Team for more information.

As part of the preparation for the arrival of Destiny 2 season 20 and the Strand subclass, the shutdown will allow the development team to test the game for bugs and improve its performance. There is a rumor that the company plans to take a year off from the FPS title after launching the Final Shape in 2024. As they want to focus on rebuilding the game’s infrastructure.

Lightfall’s release is just a few weeks away. Guardians still have a chance to explore everything the current season offers. Remember to vote for your favorite Festival of the Lost 2023 Armor. And if you haven’t, check out this fantastic Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer for six new exotic gear incoming in the latest expansion.

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