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10000 GOLD

WoW Burning Crusade Chest with Gold

+500 FREE



15000 GOLD

+1500 FREE



25000 GOLD

+3000 FREE



40000 GOLD

By buying one of the packs in this service you will get the desired amount of WoW gold on your WotLK Classic server. The gold will be sent to you via in-game mail.

Gold farming is a tedious process by itself, yet the lack of variety of methods in Сlassic-TBC-WotLK era WoW makes it even more unappealing. A fully leveled profession could help you sustain yourself but won’t make your gameplay truly comfortable. Furthermore, a mob-grind is not something that every class can successfully perform.

However, with a solid bag of gold, you can get your flasks and food for your raid runs, get raid BoEs from the AH, reserve a sought-after item in a GDKP run, brute force your way through a profession, and finally get that 280% speed mount.

WowVendor offers a unique gold-buying experience, where it doesn’t matter what server or faction you play. The currency is sent to you via in-game mail, so you don’t have to pick a time to trade face-to-face. All packs contain hand-farmed gold from a team of PRO players, making the purchase 100% safe.

Frequently Asked Questions 4

What is the maximum gold limit in The Wrath of the Lich King?

The maximum gold limit in Classic WotLK is 214,000 gold. We offer a decent stock on all popular Blizzard servers in order to deliver gold swiftly to Wrath of the Lich King players.

Is WowVendor WoW gold safe for buying WoW classic gold?

Overall, WowVendor’s Wotlk classic Gold program is safe, as we’ve created a system to sell gold without a middleman. This means that you can purchase safely and reliably from our gamers with the peace of mind that you won’t get scammed or banned by Blizzard. Keep in mind that your purchase will be covered by PayPal’s buyers protection program.

Where can I acquire the cheapest prices for WoW Classic WotLK Gold?

You can obtain WoW Classic WotLK Gold from reliable sellers at WowVendor. Be sure to choose the desired gold package that will improve your lich king classic experience. We offer over 100,000 wow wotlk gold in stock on all popular Wotlk classic servers. Low-population servers are also covered: message our customer service for more info on the delivery time.

What are the most efficient methods for obtaining gold in WotLK?

Efficient gold making methods in the Wrath of the lich would include questing, mob farming, and GDKP Raid runs. These activities provide a steady income of gold, allowing you to accumulate fair wealth over time.

Questing is a staple method of earning gold in WoTLK. Not only does it provide a reasonable amount of wotlk classic gold, but it also allows for character leveling and looting. Yet, the task may feel repetitive and monotonous over time, creating a grind-like experience. Moreover, some quests can be difficult to complete solo, requiring team effort. Here, you may encounter the first issue: toxic players. They can make your gaming experience less enjoyable, hinder your progress, and dampen your enthusiasm for the wrath of the lich king classic.

Mob grinding is another popular method of world of warcraft gold accumulation. It involves repeatedly killing enemies, often in specific areas, to gain loot that can be sold for gold. However, this method requires a lot of time and dedication, especially when it comes to finding the best place for farming. The repetitiveness of killing the same mobs over and over can become a tedious task for many. Additionally, competition for these prime farming spots can be fierce, leading to conflicts with other players in world of warcraft classic.

GDKP Raid runs, short for “Gold-DKP”, are an intriguing method, rarely seen on Retail WoW. In this system, you participate in a raid where loot is auctioned off to the highest bidder, with the gold being split amongst the raid participants. This method can provide high amounts of gold but requires decent skills and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. Here, too, players can encounter toxic behavior as individuals may sabotage runs or manipulate the bidding to their advantage.


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If we experience any issues completing your order, you can get a compensation in WowVendor store credit, game time, or bonus boosts

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A great experience
A great experience! have used once before, keeps getting better each time! highly suggest!
Excellent team
Excellent team. Got M+20 dungeons done in record time.
First time customer
First time customer. Excellent service and communication! Very fast and reliable! Would recommend to anyone curious about these services!
Great service with a super nice…
Great service with a super nice customer service
Timely and very professional!
Timely and very professional!
Great Job as Usual.
Thanks again WowVendor for a great and rewarding experience. I appreciate my team's professionalism and speed with which this service was done!
Definitely legit
They did 1 hour of getting orokin cells. And finished my master rank 30 test on warframe. Thank you
Quick M+20's to fill bank tabs.
Quick M+20's to fill bank tabs.
Great fast learning Curve
Great fast learning Curve, and good fast fu
Very satisfied with service 😀
Very satisfied with service 😀
Never dissapointed
Never dissapointed, good work!
Awesome team
Awesome team! They are friendly and kindly. It was fast run and no problem. Thank you team!!!!!
Love this website and their teams
Love this website and their teams, fun every time
Great Experience
As per usual the service provided was excellent. Happy with the end result as well.
great work excellent service
great work excellent service
Once again great fast runs all done
Once again great fast runs all done
Accurate, punctual and very professional.
Continued excellent service.
Continued excellent service.
Efficient and quick delivery of what…
Efficient and quick delivery of what you require. Very good.
speedy intime runs
speedy intime runs
The whole process was very easy and…
The whole process was very easy and worry free.
One raid ilvl without vault 455 =>464
Did not get anything useful until the last three bosses. Then got a BIS bow, chest, and legs for the 9 point ilvl improvement.
i have 5 strokes so lay ia difficult to…
i have 5 strokes so lay ia difficult to say the least but the group made sure i stayed alive and finished in great time.
Very fast and very reliable
Very fast and very reliable. Could not ask for a better team to help fulfill some goals and obtain weapons and armor, that ordinarily a solo player could not obtain. This group is amazing. They get the job done and they do it going above and beyond expectations.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 27,771 reviews

The Lich King Is Back

The Lich King finally returns in the revamped version of the well-loved addon to welcome players yet again into one of the most epic and fan-favorite journeys in WoWs history. Packed intensely with new content, Wrath Classic revives a nostalgic experience for long-time players, also allowing newcomers to get a taste of what the original WotLK felt like all those years ago. 

While both living up to the games traditions and keeping up with the modern times, Wrath Classic is a unique mix of old and new thats definitely worth checking out. And it does have one thing that remained unchanged ever since the original launch and all the way through the whole franchise. Its the utter and absolutely undeniable importance of gold.

World of Warcraft Lich King Classic gold plays a vital role in the games economy and affects most, if not all, of the gameplay processes. Goldmaking is key to success in raids and arenas. This is the main resource to fund your gear upgrades, profession leveling, skill learning, character power-ups, and a great many other necessary purchases. Theres an incredible amount of high-priced items in WotLK: foods, toys, pets, and especially mounts, some of which cost a fortune but are too cool to just pass up. And all this stuff is paid for with gold.

With such huge spending on the horizon, you need to find a couple of reliable ways to make gold. Or, if you dont want to bother with the grind, just buy WoW Classic gold for cheap. So, what can you do to get yourself some shiny little coins to spend?

Making Gold in Wrath

Farming gold on your own is a completely doable process, but it requires lots of time, patience, and dedication. In fact, there are a good number of gold-earning methods, but even the most profitable of them wont make you rich overnight (unless you buy WotLK gold off of other players, but thats risky and extremely unreliable). And, once again, youre going to work really hard to get your hands on those earnings.

The main gold-making methods have always been crafting, questing, gathering, and dungeoning. With the introduction of the new Inscription profession, glyphs have become one more gold source to tap into. Players actually pay good money to glyph out their characters for raids and PvP, so if you are on the crafting end of the glyph market, you stand a good chance of earning decent money on that. However, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. 

Glyphs are very profitable because their recipes are hard to obtain. And thats the main problem for you as an inscriptionist. You can either pay for learning new glyphs or deal with a super-long cooldown to get back to studying. Whats more, those glyph books take hours – at best – to farm, which might become a problem if youre short on time.  

Inscription also pumps up herb prices at the auction a lot. Alchemists and inscriptionists will desperately need herbs, so if youre not really into glyph-crafting, then taking up Herbalism, especially paired up with Mining, will be a very solid profession choice with fantastic profit potential. And yet again, there are a couple of things to take into account. No matter what youre planning on selling, you must get a good grasp of WoWs economy before going into the auction house business. Understanding demand, pricing, and investment is absolutely vital, as well as having effective gold selling WotLK techniques in your arsenal. Of course, you can just throw a bunch of items at the auction without any knowledge of the market and still make money on that, but it will be nothing compared to the income youll get from using well-thought-out auction strategies and solid trading expertise.

Moving on, farming dungeons, especially lower-level ones, is one of the most chill ways to make some gold. Considering, of course, youre properly prepped for the activity. If you’re planning to dungeon-grind, you need good gear and at least some basic understanding of dungeon layouts and boss strategies. Failing that, you risk ending up dead way before you can get those desired gold drops, which is certainly not what youre aiming at. And, unless you already have good-enough equipment, dungeon-running is not the cheapest WoW WotLK gold making method, as youll need to invest a ton into your gear.

As you can see, goldmaking in Wrath is not exactly a piece of cake. However, theres one more way you can turn to: its a fast, reliable, and absolutely effortless way of getting huge amounts of gold in the shortest time possible.

Its the WowVendor way.

Earn Tons of Gold In Just One Click

Earning gold yourself might be fun for some time, but do you really want to turn all your gaming sessions into long and tedious gold farms? Or youd rather buy WotLK gold to just sit back and relax, enjoying the game and playing it the way you want to? Luckily for you, we know exactly how to roll around Wrath Classic with your pockets full of gold. 

WowVendor offers the fastest and most effective method of gathering resources in WotLK. We always have lots of WotLK gold for sale, so our players dont need any extra time for farming; all it takes is just sending the needed amount of gold by in-game mail. No player-to-player trades or auctioning – you just buy WoW WotLK gold from us and have it delivered to your accounts mailbox the very same day!

Safe And Reliable Gold Farms At WowVendor

WowVendor is the best place to buy WotLK gold for a number of reasons. With vast experience in the boosting industry, we can offer the most effective solutions to your in-game currency problems, all while maintaining the highest quality of service at affordable costs.

Here are some of the benefits of buying WotLK gold from us:

  • Saving time

Instead of grinding day and night, working hard for any little coin you can make, youre welcome to pick any amount of gold and receive it in less than 24 hours. No more long, tiresome grinds! Now you can save tons of time and have enough resources to enjoy the content you really want to play. 

  • Security

Ensuring the safety of our customers data is one of our top priorities. Thats why we use in-game mail as the main delivery method for gold transactions. When you buy WoW Lich King gold from us, you dont need to share your account or make bids at the auction. Everything youve purchased is sent straight to your character via mail, and youre free to unpack and spend your newly-acquired funds at any time you like.

  • 24/7 Support

No matter what part of the world you are from, our Support department is here for you at any time of day and night. Want to buy WotLK Classic gold and have a question about the service? Or need help picking the right boost? Dont hesitate to contact us via the in-built chat on the website. Our Support team will always be quick to respond and glad to assist.

  • Multiple payment options

From PayPal and credit cards to digital wallets, youre free to choose any payment method that suits you most. SSL protection is guaranteed for all online transactions.

  • Low prices

When you are on the lookout for cheap WotLK gold, WowVendor is the best place to go. Carefully monitoring the market, we always keep our prices competitive yet affordable, so that any gamer could treat themself to a nice bag of gold to satisfy their Wrath needs. Our WotLK gold price tags will be a pleasant surprise even for an experienced boosting-service user!

  • Money-back guarantee

Providing top-notch service is what we always aim at, but sadly, sometimes things might not go as planned. If youre not satisfied with your gold delivery and theres nothing we can do to fix it, youre always eligible to request a full refund. 

  • Custom services

Favorable prices and fantastic service are not all that we treat our dear customers to. Whether you buy WoW WotLK gold US server offers or get those deals for EU realms, you can adjust any boost to your specific needs or request an exclusive custom service, tailored for you only. 

Stocking up on gold has never been so easy! With WowVendor, you can achieve great wealth and play Wrath Classic with no limits at all. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and place your order to enjoy WotLK to the fullest!

Online support 24/7

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