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New World is the latest, freshest title in the field of open-world MMO sandbox games introducing the extensive realm of Aeternum filled with exciting quests, challenges, and vast horizons to explore. With all the fun the new game brings to the table, we are seeing an intense boost of players on NW servers. Amazon’s new franchise offspring certainly thrills gamers all around the world, with over 200,000 players getting New World accounts up to this date.

And while such a vast, dynamically growing community of players is only a sign of the title’s quality, such popularity spawns competition. At the same time, focused farming, grinding, and leveling often turn into unreasonably time-consuming, poorly rewarding activities. Not every interested NW player can afford to invest so much time into the game only to achieve minor results.

Which poses a question – exactly how to level up in New World at the maximum rates of productivity without wasting tons of one’s personal time and nerves. For this, WowVendor provides a pool of professional carries and high-quality services of fast NW powerlevelling.

Pick from a range of boosts at WowVendor

WowVendor is a specialized provider of online gaming boosts. We can help you become the top player on your US server while saving your time and enabling you to compete with cumbersome high-leveled opponents. If you are a casual player seeking fun over senseless farming or a savvy New World player looking for an experience boost, you can conveniently buy a New World power level boost. Pick from the following options.

Character powerleveling 1-60

This New World powerleveling boost is based on manual EXP farming – a hired carry will take over your character in order to level it up to level 60 in the fastest way possible while you sit back and let them handle all the formal in-game stuff. You can freely monitor your assigned NW powerleveling carry through a private channel in Twitch and learn from the best pro players at the same time.

Custom powerleveling 1-60

Buy New World powerleveling boost, you can set a custom powerleveling cap and boost as many levels as you wish. Contact our 24/7 available customer support right after you pick the needed New World level boosting service at WowVendor. 

Weapon mastery level boost

A New World powerleveling boost for the weapon mastery level allows you to reinforce and grow the powers of your weapons in the shortest terms possible. A dedicated carry is a game mechanics specialist that knows the fastest routes around all the boring, cumbersome grinding and farming routines. 

Resources farming

If you need to farm out a certain type of resource without sacrificing your personal time to the senseless task, you can easily obtain fitting NW powerleveling services and let a hired pro player farm all the required resources in any amount you wish for you. 

Town missions/board leveling

Our carries also help to ace in-game town missions and boost your character’s board levels. Become the top NW player across towns with the convenient powerleveling in MW MMO purchased at the best price at WowVendor.

Ace the game with WowVendor right now

All you need to do to purchase the boost is visit the WowVendor website, pick from a range of boosts, and buy the fitting option right on the site. Start acing the new game right now with reasonably priced, convenient boosting services that save your money, time, and mental health.

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Best boosting service there is!
This company has the best employees! Great communication from making the order to getting it done. Very professional people all around.
very good
quick and efficient. gotta love it
Top shelf in every way
Top shelf in every way! Will use their services again!!!
Very good
Friendly nice and quick
Thank you
Thank you, and it was a great service. Good communication with one of the team! :)
Super fast everyone friendly
Super fast everyone friendly
Great and fast!
Great and fast!
They deliver on their services promptly…
They deliver on their services promptly and without any issues
Speedy and convenient!
I was worried that I wasn't going to get in on time--the run was going to start in a few minutes when I placed my order. Almost as soon as I logged in, I was invited. The run was SUPER fast. One boss went down so quick, I didn't even have time to swallow my sip of coffee! Another amazing run!
Very apprehensive but no need!!
Very very apprehensive while looking into it! But so glad I did. Communication was great and reassuring through every step. Incredibly professional and will use in future 100%. Don’t hesitate and do it!
They executed the order fast and…
They executed the order fast and smooth. Good prices also, love them 🥰🥰
The best service around !!
The best service around !!
Absolute Stunning Performance
The communication of the team was absolutely incredible. They made each request to absolute perfection. I had all of the exotics, but they always asked what they could grab for me at the end. I am 100% thankful for this team. I will recommend them to everyone I can
Awakened Aberrus Heroic 9/9
Another great run provided by WowVendor. Thanks
Great loot as always!
Great loot as always!
I work 6 days a week 8 to 10 hours a…
I work 6 days a week 8 to 10 hours a day, I love this game with very little time to play , i have watched on you tube them playing the pantheon 7 or 8 players i can’t get on a team much less coordinate all the players it’s daunting,you have to know these players or friends for a while . So for the raids i call ☎️ wowvendors they call the Team they get the job done ✅ call them you will not be disappointed 😎😎😎
Absolutely top notch
Absolutely top notch, 5* Service, 5*communication, 5*Time frame, 5*Team. Highly recommended, definitely use again. I Just can't say enough about this Service 100% Through out.
They did it once again
They did it once again! Quick response, nice loot, friendly chat. Thank you guys, see you soon…
Very good job and fast ,thanks
H Abberus
Run went smoothly, and no problems as usual
Quick cheap easy
Quick cheap easy. Will definitely be using this service again
Top shelf
Top shelf, mythic plus runs with true professionals that will not waste your time or your money. The customer service is outstanding and cannot be matched by any other boost provider in the industry. I will continue to use use WowVendor’s Services for all of my mythic plus runs and raiding.
This service was fast
This service was fast, professional, and easy to use.
Perfect run
Perfect run, no always!

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