Onyx Annulet Farm and Upgrading boost

Onyx Annulet Farm and Upgrade Boost

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Buying this service will get you the Onyx Annulet ring of your desired ilvl. You can get it socketed with random Primordial Gems purely for ilvl purposes or get the specific stones. As a result you will get yourself a strong piece of equipment from patch 10.0.7.

• Random Stones – 1-5 days
• Specific Stones – RNG-dependent and may vary, but usually takes 3-7 days

• Choose the ilvl you want your Onyx Annulet to be
• Choose random or specific Primordial Stones

Onyx Annulet ring at desired ilvl
• Specific Primordial Stones farmed and upgraded with respective options

• Account-sharing
• Level 70 character
• Access to Forbidden Reach and Zskera Vaults

Terms of Use:
• You’ll need to select 3 specific stones via checkboxes for the specific option, otherwise the service will not be completed
• Some gold may be used for Jewelcrafting orders when upgrading the Primordial Stones

Gems and Effects:
Cold Frost Stone – Gain a Frost shield every 20 sec that absorbs 21,670 damage and slows melee attackers by 15% for 5 sec.
Deluging Water Stone – Abilities have a chance to drench a nearby ally, healing them for 26,004 over 6 sec.
Desirous Blood Stone – Dealing damage has a chance to drain life, dealing 12,127 Shadow damage and healing you for that amount.
Echoing Thunder Stone – Moving builds an electrical charge, causing your next damaging ability to also deal 14,437 Nature damage.
Entropic Fel Stone – Fire damage dealt by Primordial Stones is increased by 60% and is now Chaos damage.
Exuding Steam Stone – Receiving heals has a chance to exude steam, restoring 12,039 health to yourself and 2 nearby allies.
Flame Licked Stone – Dealing damage has a chance to set the enemy on fire, dealing 17,325 Fire damage over 7 sec.
Freezing Ice Stone – Dealing damage has a chance to chill the enemy, dealing 16,171 Frost damage and slowing them by 15% for 6 sec.
Gleaming Iron Stone – Standing still for 3 seconds in combat steels yourself, absorbing 16,253 damage and increasing auto-attack damage by 305 for 25 sec.
Harmonic Music Stone – Entering combat increases the tertiary stats of you and 4 nearby allies by 364 for 8 sec.
Humming Arcane Stone – Dealing Magic damage has a chance to fire Arcane missiles for each Primordial Stone family you have equipped, each dealing 8,422 Arcane damage.
Indomitable Earth Stone – Taking damage has a chance to shield yourself, absorbing 32,506 damage for 12 sec.
Necromantic Death Stone – Once every minute, moving near a corpse grants the Equip effects of the Desirous Blood, Cold Frost, and Pestilent Plague Stones for 25 sec. Already having one of these effects instead increases its effectiveness by 75%.
Obscure Pastel Stone – Spells and abilities have a chance to cast a random Primordial Stone effect.
Pestilent Plague Stone – Dealing damage has a chance to infect the target with a plague that spreads to nearby enemies, dealing 9,621 Nature damage over 9 sec.
Prodigious Sand Stone – No effect.
Prophetic Twilight Stone – Damaging effects from your Primordial Stones trigger one of your healing effects, and vice versa.
Raging Magma Stone – Absorbing damage has a chance to coat you in lava, causing melee attackers to take 2,406 Fire damage for 6 sec.
Searing Smokey Stone – Successful interrupts exhale smoke, dealing 6,875 Fire damage to enemies within a 8 yd cone in front of you.
Shining Obsidian Stone – Gaining an absorb shield from a Primordial Stone erupts the ground, dealing 25,782 Physical damage split between enemies within 5 yd. Damage is increased for each enemy struck, up to 5 enemies.
Sparkling Mana Stone – Frost effects from Primordial Stones restore 993 mana over 3 sec.
Storm Infused Stone – Critically striking an enemy has a chance to shock them and 2 nearby enemies, dealing 9,300 Nature damage.
Swirling Mojo Stone – Being near a dying creature saps a portion of their mojo, and eventually crystallizes it.
Wild Spirit Stone – Nature and healing effects from Primordial Stones restore 7,602 health of 5 nearby allies over 7 sec.
Wind Sculpted Stone – Moving rallies the wind to your side, granting 93 Speed stacking up to 5 times.


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