Dragon Racing Completionist Achievements boost

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By buying this services you will get yourself the achievements from Dragon Racing Completionist series. With highly customizable options you can go for a specific achievements, like Azure Span: Gold or Ohn’ahran Plains Advanced: Gold, or alternatively, opt in for a full package in form of the Dragon Racing Completionist: Gold meta-achievement that grants you the most rewards at the same time.

Forbidden Reach Racing Completionist: Gold is also included in the Dragon Racing Completionist: Gold option

• Standard: 1-3 days
• Express: 1-24 hours

Dragon Racing Completionist: Gold includes both Dragon Racing Completionist: Silver and Dragon Racing Completionist. The only exception is that Reverse Racer: Gold not included, but available as an additional option. Reverse Racer: Gold awards you with “Reverse Racer” title.
• Specific achievements: Allows you to pick only the achievements you need
• Additional options for unlocking all Dragonriding talents also available

At least one additional option must be chosen in either “Dragon Racing Completionist series” or “Specific achievements” base options. Otherwise, the service will not be performed.

Full package rewards:
• Total of 27 Dragon Racing achievements
Spiked Crimson Spaulders shoulder pads cosmetic transmog item
Bronze Racing Enthusiast pet
Renewed Proto-Drake: Red Hair, Renewed Proto-Drake: Gold and Red Armor, Windborne Velocidrake: Red Hair, Windborne Velocidrake: Gold and Red Armor, Highland Drake: Brown Hair, Highland Drake: Gold and Red Armor, Cliffside Wylderdrake: Blonde Hair and Cliffside Wylderdrake: Gold and Orange Armor customization manuscripts for your drakes
“Isles Racer” title
Forbidden Reach Racer title
• Adding Reverse Racer: Gold awards you with “Reverse Racer” title

• Level 70 character
• All Dragonriding talents and Advanced Races unlocked. Available as additional options


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