Aberrus – Mythic 3/9 + Heroic 9/9 + Normal DELUXE bundle

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Buying this bundle will get you a full Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible run completed on Heroic difficulty, as well as 3/9 bosses run of the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible on Mythic difficulty with a 10% discount.

Free Bonus:
• As a bonus you will also get a full run of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible with all 9 bosses defeated on normal difficulty with DELUXE service for free! Party size will be 10 players. You will be the only person of your armor and token type in the group. Deluxe boosters will never have a loot lockout on them and Bosses will always drop the maximum amount of loot for 10-people party upon defeat.
You’ll be able to get even more gear, more Shadowflame Crests and another chance at looting Void-Touched Curio omni-token, and Cracked Titan Gem.
You can bring any of your level 70 character to the Deluxe Normal run, – it doesn’t need to be your main character.

With a total of 21 raid bosses defeated you’ll have a plenty of opportunities to roll for all the magnificent loot!


  • Mythic Raids are scheduled. Calendar widget shows Mythic raid events
  • Heroic and Normal raids are planned individually
  • Heroic and Normal raids are completed within 24 hours on average

• Please note that Raiding Time for this service is scheduled individually, and some of the events from raid calendar widget on the Main Page are not available for reservation

• You can select preferred boosting type: Account-sharing or Selfplayed

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible achievement
• Chance to get ilvl 415-424 loot via “group loot” (during Normal raid run)
• Chance to get ilvl 428-437 loot via “group loot” (during Heroic raid run)
• Chance to get ilvl 441 loot via “group loot” (during Mythic raid run)
• x1 out x3 ilvl 428-441 items of your choosing in the Great Vault
• Chance at looting the Void-Touched Curio from Scalecommander — an omni-token tradable for any tier token that you need
• New Flightstones currency used for upgrading gear in DF Season 2
Drake’s Shadowflame Crest, Aspect’s Shadowflame Crest and their respective fragments

Terms of Use:
• All three raids will be run with “Group Loot” looting system, where drops are random



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