WoW Quest Designer Shared Details about Intro Adventures

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WoW Quest Designer Shared Details about Intro Adventures

The recent Blizzard’s #BuildingAzeroth series video features WoW Quest Designer Laura Spraetzner. During the episode, she shared exciting details about improvements to Azeroth’s introductory adventures

Blizzard’s #BuildingAzeroth is a series where the developers discuss various aspects of bringing the World of Warcraft to life. In Patch 10.1.5, a small team of Quest Designers took on the “New and Returning Players Initiative” project. They introduced many small improvements to the game. Their goal: make the first days in Azeroth easier and more understandable for newcomers. They focused on removing obstacles that hindered new players from getting acquainted with the game. At the same time, they wanted the returning heroes to easily re-engage and resume their journeys in the game after a long break.

The developers have improved Chromie Time, so players can enjoy exploring different periods even more. Unlocking allied races has become smoother and faster. Adventures on the Exile’s Reach have been fine-tuned for greater enjoyment and interest. Following quest chains in Battle for Azeroth is now a breeze. And that’s not all. They also introduced a gear upgrade feature to help characters catch up with the current level. 

For more information, check out the video below.

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