WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

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While WoW is obviously meant for cooperative gaming, it’s not the only option. There are instances when you can’t or don’t want to play with other people. And that’s when solo play comes into the scene. Playing solo is a valid and fun approach to World of Warcraft. Moreover, certain specializations enhance the solo experience, providing comfort and effectiveness. With this in mind, let’s dive into the top 8 specs that excel in solo play within the realm of WoW.

What Makes the Best Solo Classes

The main problem with cooperation-oriented games like World of Warcraft is that many essential activities expect you to depend on and provide support to your teammates. You can survive better in raids, dungeons, and even some world events when you work with other people.

You can, however, be a lone wolf and still make an impact. It requires a class that survives well on its own through mobility, self-healing, utility spells, and ample damage. Not all specs can be played this way, and even the ones on this list can’t conquer a raid alone. But you can always try your best. So, why not take a look at the current WoW best solo class?

Unholy Death Knight

WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

The main strength of the DK as a solo class is their ability to summon ghouls through a variety of abilities. They can distract and tank damage, allowing you to rely on creatures completely under your control in a fight. Raise Dead, Control Undead, and Army of the Dead form the bulk of this playstyle.

Unholy also possesses the potential for self-healing and immunity casts. This provides a degree of sustainability to a class dependent on long cooldowns and burst damage. This spec doesn’t have a lot of mobility or the abilities that would enhance it. It means you need to keep your distance because no one will save you during a solo play.

Rely on your high DPS output while making strategic choices. Unholy is one of the most prolific damage dealers, inflicting DoT and diseases. Death Knights can seriously harm their opponents while kiting them and using summons to their advantage. Just note that it’s not the fastest class, and definitely not the easiest. So, it’s probably not the best WoW class for beginners.

Other DK varieties, like Blood Death Knight, can also prove to be solid choices for those who enjoy adventuring alone. It’s a generally strong class for the lone wolves. However, when compared to the Unholy specialization, Blood Death Knights may not offer the same level of excellence for solo gameplay.

Beast Mastery Hunter

WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

As an even more creature-reliant gameplay, Beast Mastery Hunter enables players to tame a variety of beasts to help them in a fight. They are more tanky and helpful than DK ghouls, and there are plenty of abilities that strengthen and heal them. This opens up an unprecedented potential for kiting.

A typical solo BM gameplay revolves around managing your beasts and keeping them alive. This will ensure that you can deal reliable damage and not attract the ire of your opponents. Your companions can trade HP long enough for you to dispatch your foes.

Just note that Beast Mastery Hunters themselves are not particularly durable. You have a few saves owing to your increased mobility and limited healing opportunities, but it’s largely up to your beasts to hold defense. In the meantime, you can chip away at the enemy’s health while also dealing damage with your pets. It’s not the WoW Dragonflight best solo class, but it’s close.

Retribution Paladin

WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

Often considered a baseline spec, Ret Paladin excels in solo play not through summons and kiting but through tenacity. A combination of healing, defense spells, and moderate damage output enable this specialization to stay long enough in a fight to eventually overpower their opponent.

Ample healing spells and defensive abilities like Divine Shield make Ret some of the most durable specs in the game. Normally a massive team contributor, Retribution can be tailored for a lone playstyle. You just have to choose tank and DPS talents over healer abilities in the progression tree.

Mobility is a slight downside. Paladins are more likely to be pinned in place, but at least they can take the punishment. The DPS is on a slightly weaker side, but it’s compensated by the extreme durability of this spec. It is a very comfortable solo class if not the WoW best solo class in Dragonflight.

Havoc Demon Hunter

WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

Among the best solo classes, Havoc DH is a playing style of a different stripe. The reason it could be WoW best class for solo play is its excellent mobility and high melee DPS. Besides, ample self-healing properties allow you to afford mistakes and compensate for lost health points if you do get caught. In this sense, it’s one of the best specs for kiting in the game.

Such abilities as Glide, Double Jump, and Fel Rush enable you to traverse a good distance in any direction without much pause. At the same time, Shattered Souls and Charred Warblades provide a lot of additional self-healing. This allows you to approach an enemy, deal damage, retreat, heal, and rejoin the fight.

There are other ways to play DH efficiently as a solo class. Vengeance Demon Hunters can offer additional survivability if you want to focus on your sustainability. However, Havoc Demon Hunter, as described above, exemplifies the ideal way this class can benefit solo players. 

However, it’s also true that you’ll need to manage cooldowns and be very precise with your actions if you choose this spec. Otherwise, it’s not really WoW best class for solo.

Guardian Druid

WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

Druid is a versatile class with enough damage output, healing, and health to fill a variety of roles. It also makes it a great solo class. Guardian Druids seem like the optimal choice for this purpose, but Balance Druids are no less effective. Both are durable, mobile, and don’t have to rely on outside help.

Guardian Druid, in particular, offers a plethora of ways to reduce taken damage, including the Frenzied Regeneration. Ironfur, Nurturing Instinct, and Killer Instinct provide additional protection further up the talent tree. The baseline Barkskin can protect any Druid specialization from harm, as well. 

Mobility is the other important factor driving it further towards the rank of the WoW best solo class of Dragonflight. Animal forms enable Druids to move very speedily around the battlefield, allowing them to heal and catch a breath. 

Balance Druid is also a viable alternative if your personal playstyle favors DPS over tanking. Balance Druid’s Eclipse, for instance, can offer a lot of base damage. Furthermore, this spec isn’t completely without healing or damage protection. You basically trade some healing for some more offensive abilities.

Affliction/Demonology Warlock 

WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

Warlock is a generally comfortable full-DPS WoW class, especially for solo players. It might actually be the best solo class WoW has to offer. Affliction or Demonology specs are better for the task, but what you’ll choose depends on your personal playstyle. It’s basically pet-derived damage vs. DoT constant damage. It’s also worth noting that Affliction offers more sustainability because it doesn’t rely as much on self-peel.

The main point of interest in either spec is the minions. You can summon a lot of hellish creatures to help you fight. All Warlocks have access to low-level minions, and each spec has a unique 42-level summon: Darkglare for Affliction and Demonic Tyrant for Demonology. But Demo also has a primary pet called Felguard, which acts as a tank and also inflicts substantial damage.

Brewmaster Monk

WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

Monks are a generally pleasant class, but Brewmaster is the best solo class of this bunch. It has much to do with this spec’s survivability and its Stagger ability. A well-timed cast can render you nearly immortal as long as you can manage incoming damage.

Extra mobility allows you to avoid the worst moments of the battles, while lesser wounds are dispersed or negated with the large collection of defensive abilities in Brewmaster’s arsenal. The only problem is that you actually need to activate these abilities well, which requires a certain degree of skill.

Discipline Priest

WoW Best Solo Class: Top 8 Specs for Solo Play

Discipline Priests are another good survivability bet. Ample healing and sufficient mobility make it a worthwhile candidate if you can manage inadequate DPS. The spec has very few offensive abilities, and is one of only two specializations in the game without an interrupt. It makes it a durable but harmless choice.

It’s true that a more logical path for a Discipline Priest is a raid healer, but it can be played solo with reasonable effectiveness. Although some of their best talents are AoE heals, they are still beneficial when it comes to keeping themselves in good shape. So, Disciplines still have the ability to sustain themselves and remain formidable in combat, all the while dealing damage gradually. But all in all, it is a relatively hard spec, especially for soloing.


These specializations offer the most benefits when it comes to playing World of Warcraft solo. They allow players to focus on themselves rather than their teammates while still being effective. It doesn’t mean you can’t play solo with other specs outside of this list, though. A Frost Mage, a Subtlety Rogue, or any other spec of your liking can also bring you a lot of enjoyment in this sense. It all depends on your personal preference, playstyle, and abilities. Your personal WoW best solo class for 2023 is probably the one that resonates with you the most.

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