Timerunner’s Mastery buff: get more Bronze and Eternal Threads

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Blizzard recently released a new buff on the WoW Remix MoP servers known as Timerunner’s Mastery.

Timerunner's Mastery Buff

Timerunner’s Mastery is a new buff that increases the amount of Bronze you gather from Bronze Caches by 100%. Additionally, all Eternal Threads you earn from Spools of Eternal Thread are boosted by 200%, which sounds fantastic! 

Timerunner's Mastery Buff

If you watched Soulbreezy’s interview with the WoW developers Brian Dowling and Ciji Bambrick, you might recall that Blizzard initially had no plans to increase the number of Bronze players could acquire during their WoW Remix journey. However, things have changed since then, and the Timerunner’s Mastery buff is now live!

Since the amount of Bronze is doubled, how much can you earn with the help of this buff? Let’s find out below:

But what about the Spools of Eternal Thread? With the quantity now tripled, you can now earn the following amount of it:

Thanks to this Timerunner’s Mastery buff, you can now purchase items you have ever wanted and upgrade your Cloak of Infinite Potential without spending so much time farming Bronze and Spools of Eternal Thread throughout WoW Remix MoP. Isn’t it cool? Also, if the buff’s icon is not immediately visible on the pane above, we recommend re-logging into the game. 

Although plenty of time remains until the end of the event, have you obtained all the rewards you desired so much? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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