MoP Remix Bronze Farm Guide

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Greetings, heroes of Azeroth! Welcome to our comprehensive MoP Remix Bronze farm guide.

MoP Remix Bronze Farm Guide

The WoW Remix event is in full swing, so it is time to discuss another important aspect to improve your in-game experience. We have included the easiest and most stable ways to farm Bronze. Therefore, we will update this guide when other reliable methods for farming this WoW Remix currency become available, so stay tuned for updates. 

In our last article, we talked about the best ways to level up your character. If you missed it, we recommend checking it out:

MoP Remix Bronze Farm Guide: What Is Bronze in MoP Remix

Bronze is an essential currency in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, which you can earn during your leveling experience. Mounts, transmog sets, toys, and other valuable rewards are what you can spend on from the Infinite Bazaar merchants. Plus, you can upgrade your WoW Remix gear and buy various consumables such as potions, bandages, or scrolls that can help you level up faster.

MoP Remix Bronze Farm Guide: Bronze’s Limit in Wow Pandaria Remix

At the moment of writing, Bronze currency has a cap of 2,000,000. Thanks to research from the WoW community members Kyraah and guardiantitan, you will need approximately 1.7 million Bronze points to unlock all rewards if you have never engaged with Mists of Pandaria content. This amount will be enough to get everything you want, and you will not have to worry about hitting the currency limit. 

MoP Remix Bronze Farm Guide: Bronze Vendor Locations in WoW Remix

If you have enough Bronze currency and want to spend it on something fancy, Blizzard has introduced Bronze vendors. They offer a range of valuable items like bandages, scrolls, potions, and other beneficial consumables that can come in handy during your WoW Remix: MoP adventures. 

Additionally, these vendors offer a range of exciting items, such as toys, transmog sets, and rare mounts like the Kor’kron Juggernaut, Clutch of Ji-Kun, or Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. You can find these vendors at the Infinite Bazaars located throughout the WoW Remix: Pandaria locations. For your convenience, here are the coordinates:

General Vendors

Alliance and Horde Bronze Vendors

These Bronze vendors can also be found in the faction-specific shrines in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms location, offering the same pool of goods:

MoP Remix Bronze Farm Guide: Best Ways to Farm Bronze in Pandaria Remix

Farming Spots

Each farming spot in this section is rated from worst to best. Regardless, feel free to use them according to your preferences. For instance, you can prefer smaller spots where the enemies are clustered together so that you do not have to join other groups. At the same time, you can go for larger spots with more challenging mobs that require at least three players to defeat them all. In all cases, the choice is yours.

Inkgill Mere Spot

The first spot we want to mention is Inkgill Mere. It is a small town located at coordinates [73.3, 77.0], north of Binan Village in Kun-Lai Summit. Although it yields less Bronze, it is a very chill and lowkey farming spot, thanks to the fact that Enraged Tideweaver mobs here spawn quickly, and there is little competition. This spot is relatively small, so you can go from one side to another without spending so much mental energy.

Nayeli Lagoon Spot

This time, you can head to Krasarang Wilds, namely the Unga Ingoo island. The spot we have included in this list is inhabited by multiple mobs named Unga Villagers. In short, you should gather these hozens by moving around and damaging them using your AoE abilities. We already have an article on this topic, so make sure to check it out:

Windward Island Spot

Meet another Bronze farming spot located on Windward Island, Jade Forest. You can obtain lots of Threads there and a decent amount of Bronze, gems, and green items. Also, there are not so many players bustling around, so you can farm mobs in peace. 

Once there, run around and damage as many Slitherscale Rippers and Saltback Turtles as possible for a higher profit. Defeat turtles before they shield up, and be wary of Slitherscale Rippers’ ability called Rip, as it can bite awful if your defensives are very poor. Still, it is a decent farm spot because you can yield a good amount of Bronze, gems, and green items while spending your time there.

Kun-Lai Pass Spot

Our next spot is the Kun-Lai Pass, which can be found at the coordinates [69.06, 90.44]. This farm spot stands out as one of the best on our list since mobs spawn quickly. Therefore, there is lots of loot to gather by just going around and defeating mobs as fast as possible.

Consider joining a group of other players or creating your own, as it will take a lot of work to defeat all the mobs solo. However, keep a maximum group of three people, with four being the absolute limit, as this makes it easier to aggro mobs. 

Plus, running two groups of four players is more efficient so that each group can damage mobs without any competition. That being said, by utilizing this farming spot, you can obtain lots of gems, Threads, and, most importantly, Bronze.

Guo-Lai Halls

One of the best WoW Remix farm spots is Guo-Lai Halls, located in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. You can acquire tons of loot there, including Threads, Bronze, and even epic-quality pieces of gear. Once there, focus on getting hold of Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Keys by defeating Guo-Lai mobs around the area highlighted in a white circle. Keep at it until you have plenty of them, for example, 10 or 12 Keys

Afterward, head into the Guo-Lai Ruins at coordinates [22.15, 24.14]. Go downstairs, clear the area and head straight ahead once you are in the main hall. You will come across a maze or pattern on the ground when you reach the first doorway. Step on the right color to avoid getting knocked out. 

Once you have passed the floor mazes, head downstairs and watch out for the statues. After descending, head to the back of the room, and you will spot Ancient Guo-Lai Caches lining the wall. Use your Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Keys to unlock these Caches. Inside, you may find some gold, a Cache of Infinite Treasure, or Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.

The Ancient Guo-Lai Caches respawn quickly, so you can return here as often as you want. However, you may have to wait a few minutes for them to respawn. In summary, this farming method is better than the others in this section since you will get plenty of valuable resources and Bronze currency and a chance to obtain a valuable item called Prayer of Purged Fear.

When used, it can reduce your Cogwheel Gem cooldown by 80%, which is very beneficial. You will find plenty of these Scrolls while farming, so keeping this buff on the whole time is possible thanks to the frequent drop rate.

Completing Quests

In addition to the recent frog nerfs, all players will receive a massive Bronze package. Three new quests from Momentus, the Item Upgrade vendor, are now available in WoW Remix:

These exciting changes are now live. You can log into any max-level character to receive the 40,000 Bronze package. Note that these quests are per character,  meaning you can earn 40,000 Bronze for each character that reaches level 70

This makes leveling alts a lucrative Bronze farming strategy, and you will benefit from having another level 70 character ready for the upcoming expansion. Also, these quests are retroactive, so most players should be able to claim the rewards.

If you do not see the quests from Momentus at the Infinite Bazaar, try logging out or exiting the game and logging back in. But, if you have been identified as a frog farmer, you cannot see or complete these quests at all.

Opening Bronze Caches

Daily Quests

Completing all three daily quests at the Infinite Bazaar will earn you a Greater Bronze Cache. Each Cache contains 1,250 Bronze, which means you can collect 3,750 Bronze per day just by completing your dailies. If you have another Timerunning character, they can also pick up these daily quests.

Normal-Difficulty Raids, Timerunning Dungeons, and Scenarios

At level 70, completing Timerunning scenarios and dungeons on Normal and Heroic difficulty for the first time will reward you with a Greater Bronze Cache containing 1,250 Bronze

You can earn up to 4 of these Caches daily on one character, for a total of 5,000 Bronze. Also, participating in Timerunning dungeons and scenarios with your other characters will earn you more Bronze.

Consider looting trash mobs and bosses and scrapping all the gear from these dungeons and scenarios. Typically, completing Normal and Heroic dungeons will get you around 600 to 700 Bronze:

Also, make sure to finish scenarios to gain 200 to 300 Bronze and take down raid bosses for 500 Bronze per boss plus extras from the mobs. If you do these daily quests and claim rewards from the Cache, you could potentially earn up to 12,000 Bronze daily, including some Bronze loot from mobs.

By running Siege of Orgrimmar or Throne of Thunder on Normal difficulty daily, you can get an extra 9,000 Bronze, bumping up your daily total to 21,000 Bronze. With Infinite Power achievements, some of the bonus stats of your main character’s Cloak are transferred to your alternate character’s Cloak

Therefore, having more than one character in MoP Remix speeds up the process of earning Bronze, as different activities can be completed on various characters. Thus, if you keep this up with the help of your alts, you can accumulate 1.8 million Bronze by the end of the WoW Remix mode. It is enough to purchase every available reward.

Collecting Bronze Orbs

As you explore Pandaria, you might encounter yellow spheres. Sometimes, they appear one at a time, but you might also encounter a cluster of four or more!

These are known as Bronze Orbs; flying through them can be a fun and relaxing experience, especially if you have access to Dragonriding. The Orbs appear randomly; the best part is that there is no limit to how many you can fly through in a day. 

However, finding them in popular areas can be difficult, so be sure to check higher spots, such as mountains or rooftops, where they may be more abundant. 

Regarding the amount of Bronze you can earn, the small Bronze Orbs now give out 14-24 pieces each, with an average of about 17 pieces per drop. However, when chains of Orbs with more than one Orb are next to each other, they only yield 9-16 pieces each. 

On the other hand, the larger Bronze Orbs now yield 31-46 Bronze pieces, averaging 36. With these new changes, you can gather 1,974 Bronze in just 15 minutes (131 per minute or 7,800 per hour). In addition, the Orbs also yield some Threads of Time, which is a huge plus.

Farming Mobs Is Not a Good Idea Anymore: What Happened?

Some time ago, players could gather in groups to farm Bronze currency by defeating frogs, goats, and cranes. Even though this was a profitable activity, Blizzard always nerfed such methods, making it clear they did not approve of them.

The last frog-farming method allowed some players to accumulate a large amount of Bronze. This meant that just one frog farmer in a group could carry the whole raid to victory. These facts severely disrupted the game balance, so that’s why Blizzard announced that players with an unusually high number of frog genocides before the loot bug fix would see their Cloak power reduced to levels that could be achieved under normal circumstances.

If you were one of those frog farmers, your Cloak stats have been reset to 2,500 for each stat and 25,000 Stamina, which is a pretty big downgrade. Some players had over 10,000 in primary stats, but unfortunately, those crazy numbers from frog farming will no longer be seen. 


To sum up, we suggest using all the methods mentioned above to increase your Bronze earnings. Having multiple characters can also provide additional benefits, which is pretty awesome. 

We hope this MoP Remix Bronze farm guide has been insightful and you have gained a wealth of new information. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and we look forward to seeing you in the next article!

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