The War Within: The Fate of Varian Wrynn May be Repeated

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There’s a possibility that the fate of Varian Wrynn may be repeated in The War Within. Spoiler is ahead, so brace yourself!

The War Within: The Fate of Varian Wrynn May be Recreated

The Hallowfall questline is now live for testing on the alpha server. Fans are in for a significant story development as the conclusion of the zone’s narrative unfolds. A cutscene titled “Anduin is Lost” awaits, once again leaving players in suspense about the young king’s fate.

Anduin May Repeat The Fate of Varian Wrynn in The War Within

In the heat of a fierce battle against the relentless Nerubians, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the onslaught. Swarmed by enemies, we hastily board the Reckoning, an Arathi airship, accompanied by Faerin and Alleria, intending to slay our arachnid adversaries from the air. Yet, amidst the chaos, we realize with horror that Anduin has been left behind. The cutscene is currently presented as text without cinematic visuals. However, it unmistakably echoes the iconic scene of Varian Wrynn’s demise. After all: 

“Anduin sees the nerubians preparing a ballista that would take out the airship. He finds his resolve, and jumps into the fray to stop them.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

It remains to be seen how Blizzard will execute this scene. If done right, it could mark a pivotal “like father, like son” moment, with Anduin rising to the same Chad level as his father. However, if mishandled, Blizzard risks killing off Anduin’s identity. Until now, apart from instances of abduction or mind control, Anduin has yet to carve out a distinct persona of his own. During the revealing cinematic of The War Within, he resembles Arthas. And now, Anduin is seemingly mirroring his father’s fate, albeit with his survival, the emotional impact may not resonate as deeply as Varian’s death.

World of Warcraft fans are expressing growing boredom with the plot. The repetitive trope of “Anduin gets kidnapped again” isn’t exactly keeping players on the edge of their seats. In fact, the frequency of Anduin’s abductions is starting to rival that of Princess Peach. Nevertheless, the expansion has yet to fully see the light of day, so there’s still hope that Blizzard can turn Anduin into a more compelling character than he currently appears to be.

What do you think about this whole situation? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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