StaysafeTV vs. Payo: Settling Differences in the Boxing Ring

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A showdown of two prominent WoW Classic streamers, StaysafeTV vs. Payo, is incoming. There, they will settle their differences once and for all. 

StaysafeTV vs. Payo: Settling Differences in the Boxing Ring

For quite some time, a palpable rivalry has brewed between two renowned WoW Classic streamers: StaysafeTV and Payo. They poke fun at each other and release exposing videos on a regular basis. However, things took a more serious turn recently. Payo, possibly in jest, suggested that StaysafeTV settle their disputes face-to-face in a real boxing match. StaysafeTV accepted the challenge, escalating the rivalry from the virtual realm to the physical arena.

The two community figures are eyeing the latter part of June for their showdown. After all, they live in different countries, and a suitable venue needs to be found. Since StaysafeTV is in Texas, Payo proposed that he would foot the bill for travel and lodging in Montreal, Canada, where the event would take place. 

Since then, however, little progress has been made. At the moment of writing, both parties are still pointing fingers at each other for stalling and ignoring communication attempts. It remains to be seen how the situation unfolds. Should the match of StaysafeTV vs. Payo ever proceed, they assure viewers of a live broadcast.

What are your thoughts on the StaysafeTV vs. Payo showdown? Do you believe they’ll follow through with the fight, or is it all talk and no action? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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