SoD Phase 4 PTR update delayed due to infrastructure issues

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Josh Greenfield recently informed players about the delay of SoD Phase 4 PTR update.

SoD Phase 4 PTR update delayed due to infrastructure issues

The anticipated release of the latest build for SoD Phase 4 PTR has been postponed, as announced by WoW Classic Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield. The delay is due to a significant infrastructure issue impacting the entire development team.

Greenfield mentioned that efforts have been underway throughout the day to resolve the issue. However, it’s uncertain when a solution will be implemented. Players should be prepared for the possibility that the delay could extend into June 21, 2024.

As for the PTR update notes, they will not be released until maintenance for the update is imminent. This is to prevent confusion among players who might expect immediate changes upon reading the notes.

The Senior Game Producer thanked players for their patience and understanding. He recommended that players explore alternative activities while the development team resolves the issue. And some players were quick to suggest spending their time with Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree while waiting for more information about SoD.

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