Plunderkind: WoW Player Earned 1 Million Plunder

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So earning 1 million Plunder to get the secret achievement Plunderkind is actually possible!

Plunderkind: WoW Player Earned 1 Million Plunder

Plunderkind was a massive surprise to many WoW players. First, it’s a secret achievement of Patch 10.2.6 special event Plunderstorm. And second, it demands players accumulate a staggering 1 million Plunder. Such a requirement has left numerous players feeling discouraged. Some even opt out before even attempting to pursue it. After all, amassing 100,000 Plunder to reach Renown 40 with the Keg Leg’s Crew is already a formidable feat, let alone 1 million.

While obtaining Plunderkind may seem impossible, it’s not entirely beyond reach. Yet, only the most committed players may be able to get it, primarily due to the immense time investment required. Few are willing to devote themselves entirely to playing Plunderstorm until the event concludes. And among those few devoted gamers is Soularpower_.

Soularpower_ emerged as one of the earliest, if not the very first, to secure Plunderkind by accumulating 1 million Plunder. What makes his achievement even more impressive is that all this was accomplished in just over a week since the event began.

Needless to say, congratulations and immense respect are undoubtedly in order for Soularpower_!

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