Patch 10.2.6 Begins Live Testing, Soon to Be Released

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Patch 10.2.6 begins live testing. A release date is expected to be announced soon.

Patch 10.2.6 Begins Live Testing, Soon to Be Released


Patch 10.2.6 exact release date has been revealed to be March 19:

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Last night, the WoW developers launched a new server for the World of Warcraft Dark Realm Test, where they uploaded the files for Patch 10.2.6. And so, it seems the mysterious Patch will arrive no later than next week:

Patch 10.2.6 Begins Live Testing, Soon to Be Released

What Is Dark Realms in WoW?

Dark Realms are just like regular servers. However, they are hidden and accessible only to developers. Regular players can’t access them, letting the devs test changes and new features in conditions that closely resemble the live game.

Patch 10.2.6 May Bring Vampire Survivors Game Mode

Certain content creators have been briefed by developers regarding the upcoming Patch 10.2.6. They were prohibited from sharing details. But some have hinted that this content drop will introduce an unusual game mode unlike anything seen in WoW before. Anticipated to provide considerable replayability, this mode is set to captivate players’ interest, despite its deviation from existing content. Thus, speculation is rife among fans regarding the potential resemblance to the renowned time survival roguelite Vampire Survivors, which was datamined in November last year:

So, what do you think? Will the release date for Patch 10.2.6 be dropped in the coming days? Do you think the Vampire Survivors game mode will arrive in WoW? Let us know in the comments!

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