Season 4 Meta classes in Mythic+ Tier List

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More than a month has passed since the release of Season 4, and now Mythic+ DPS rankings along with Tank and Healer Tier Lists can be studied. As in the case of every tier list, it’ll be important to remember that all the suggested rankings are not final. A few Meta elements may still change in the upcoming months due to specifics of the new season. You can know what’s so new in Season 4 in a separate guide, but let’s proceed to the rankings now.

Best DPS in Mythic+

As always, tier lists of the specs with the best DPS in Mythic+ are the most discussed. A successful Mythic+ player Petko has suggested approximate rankings of top damage dealers. They are based on his past and new season experience and improved with observations of other M+ farmers.

There are a few reasons for such rankings. Dungeons included in the Mythic+ pool of Season 4 often require a lot of AoE damage. For instance, both parts of Tazavesh. Especially the So’leah’s Gambit, which is full of hordes of murlocs right at the beginning of the dungeon. Or the Iron Docks, which M+ walkthrough routes usually advise to pull many packs of mobs. DPS specs with effective AoE can deal with the biggest number of mobs at once and save lots of precious time.

Before looking at the exact pros and cons of some specs in the current meta, it’ll be good to compare different rankings. The bloggers from the channel MarcelianOnline have come up with two interesting separate tier lists. Both are seasonal, but one is dedicated to Ranged DPS and another one is about Melee.

Ranged DPS tier list:

Melee Tier List:

Mostly the rankings coincide, with ranks of only a few specs differing more than on one level.

Surprisingly, melee damage-dealers are evaluated higher than ranged ones. That can also be explained by the specifics of the current M+ dungeons and their usual routes. They require lots of movement from players, at the same time making them rely on AoE abilities while fighting too many mobs at once. And one more important task of damage dealers is to be ready to rapidly interrupt dangerous spells cast by nearby enemies.

As for the most powerful specs of the current Mythic+ meta, there are plenty of reasons for which they deserve to be evaluated that highly. Outlaw Rogue is especially good against big packs of mobs because of its variability. It can take care of itself with Cloak of Shadows, Evasion, and Crimson vial. Deadly spells can be interrupted and prevented from casting with Gouge — a disruption with a very little cooldown. Besides, an ability to make all party members invisible and skip a few parts of the dungeon’s route can also be very useful. Finally, the talent Acrobatic Strikes extends the whole attack range of this Rogue Spec, making it twice more effective in the encounters when you need to get to distant enemies, but your ranged DPS are busy with other tasks.

Even though there were some attempts to nerf Fire Mage, it manages to show the top DPS in the Mythic plus. A combination of spell Flamestrike and talent Flame Patch still deal lots of uncapped damage to masses of mobs. And Combustion spell is such a strong burst that it applies to the fight with any number of enemies. Furthermore, this spec has received the possibility to become even more powerful with the Hyperthread Wristwraps item. These powerful wrists that reduce the cooldown of three last used spells can be looted in Operation: Mechagon — Junkyard dungeon. A Fire Mage couldn’t have dreamed about better compensation for all attempts to nerf it.

However, Unholy DK can’t boast of its place in the M+ tier list of the current WoW patch. Although it’s a melee spec, it’s not as mobile as it’s needed for the meta. Now it’s showing its highest DPS mostly on a single target. And disruptions and stuns like Asphyxiate, Death Grip, or Gnaw have too long cooldowns.

Quite the same problems are shared by Affliction Warlock spec, which is simply not as effective as the ranged Damage-Dealers from higher tiers. Besides, unlike Death Knights, they don’t have many spells to take care of themselves as a last resort. DK can heal with a regular Death Strike and cast a universally beneficial Anti-Magic Zone, while Affliction Warlock will just cast Mortal Coil but immediately lose even more HP while running from enemies with a Burning Rush.

A multitude of ways to save yourself is also a crucial quality to fight threats of Mythic Plus in 4 Season of WoW. However, if your DPS is too low in the tier list, there are other ways to fight those threats. For example, you can think about taking some Season 4 dungeon carry services.

Tank Tier List

Mythic plus Tank meta specifics are more interesting in the case of specs who got into the middle sections. For instance, Vengeance DH Sigil spells make that spec universally good in different encounters, especially when crowd control is needed. Besides, Demon Hunter remains to be one of the most mobile tanks. That makes it even more useful in dungeons where you need to move fast but carefully.

At the same time, Protection Warrior has been buffed in Season 4, but it shares the same tier as Vengeance DH. Damage that can be ignored with the spell Ignore Pain has grown by 30%. And now this spell’s damage absorption depends on Warrior’s HP. That gives this spec ability to mitigate even more damage than in the past season, but magical damage and effects remain to be one of the main weaknesses of Protection Warrior.

Healer Tier List

Healer Tier List hasn’t changed much since Season 3. It can be easily proved by two examples from the top of the list.

Holy Priest wasn’t nerfed or buffed since 9.2.5 but remains at the top of Mythic Plus Healer Meta. An ability to effectively damage packs of enemies while not less effectively healing party members can be crucial during dynamical boss and trash M+ fights. Besides, despite any possible minor changes, Holy Priest would still be very useful only because of the Guardian Spirit spell. You may have mentioned that specs who can avoid death tend to appear in the higher sections of the Season 4 rankings. An ability to save not only the owner of that spell, but a party member, can save many lives during M+ runs.

Restoration Shaman also remains at the top of the Healer rankings exactly because no changes have been brought to this spec. It’s evaluated this high simply because of its ability to heal many nearby targets at once with strong AoE healing spells. Distribution of dangerous amounts of damage with the Spirit Link totem becomes even more helpful than ever. Finally, Restoration Shaman is the only healing spec that can properly interrupt enemies with a Wind Shear. Besides, as in the case of Holy priest, this spec is also praised for its ability to assist a party with good damage. But for that Shaman must have spells of Kyrian’s covenant: Raging Vesper Vortex and Vesper Totem. But before counting on that you’d better read about the best covenant to choose in the current meta.

While preparing for a M+ run, a player may get stuck with a gold question. Lots of gold may suddenly be needed to buy good elixirs or to change some parts of equipment. But don’t worry: a gold-making guide is already waiting for you. However, if you have already done everything you need or just don’t care about Mythic+, and are now waiting patiently for the new expansion — be sure to check some Dragonflight guides! For example, an overview of Evoker Class.

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