MoP Remix Character Lock: Can’t Play without Dragonflight

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The MoP Remix Character Lock issue has become increasingly common recently. For some reason, players can’t join the fun in Pandaria without purchasing the Dragonflight expansion.

MoP Remix Character Lock: Can't Play without Dragonflight

Despite Blizzard’s claim that no expansion purchase is necessary to fully experience WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, recent player reports suggest otherwise. “MoP Remix Character Lock” and “can’t level above 60 in MoP Remix” have been plaguing players’ experience with this accelerated journey. Many have described encountering a sudden disappearance of the experience bar upon reaching level 60. Soon later, they were kicked out of the mode with a ‘Character Lock’ error message.

Affected players can still access other non-Remix characters without difficulty. However, logging into their Timerunner Character is impossible. Redditor Beautiful-Garlic-526 recounted their experience of opening a ticket and had a Game Master confirm that their character was unlocked. Yet, they still remained unable to access MoP Remix.

Responding to the situation, Blizzard announced that they had fixed the issue with an update deployed during recent realm restarts:

“We believe that this issue has been fixed with an update that we deployed with realm restarts earlier this morning.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

However, players continue to encounter the same problems. Similarly, reports persist about dragonriding being unavailable to those who don’t own Dragonflight.

Are you experiencing the same situation in MoP Remix? Let us know in the comments!

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